Qmart opened a 3000 m2 supermarket in Ha Dong

3000m2 of fresh-green-essential

After one year of officially entering the retail market, on January 18, 2019, the Qmart supermarket chain belongs to Goods Company Limited. consumption< /a> & T&T Commercial Services – a member of T&T Group opened a large supermarket with a scale of 3000m2 in Ha Dong. It is known that this is the supermarket with the largest area and scale in the system of 52 Qmart supermarkets and the Qmart NHANH convenience store in Hanoi. Determined to open near the Lunar New Year, hundreds of employees and contractors worked day and night and completed it quickly in just over 40 days.< /p>

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Located on the 1st floor of the building CT6 apartment building in Xa La urban area on Road 70B in Ha Dong District, Qmart Ha Dong supermarket stands out with its warm orange-yellow facade, full of energy, spacious and easy to access. With a scale of 3000m2, customers’ first impression of Qmart Ha Dong is the fresh goods and food area occupying a very large area in the supermarket with a full range of vegetables, fruits, fresh meat, swimming fish clearly labeled with origin and stamps. The label creates a feeling of peace of mind for customers when shopping.

Specially meets the traditional daily needs of “going to the market” of customers. Many supermarket counters are sold in the form of selling groceries like food. (pork, beef, chicken, swimming fish…) dried agricultural products (bamboo shoots, wood ear mushrooms…) rice, beans, peanuts…

In addition to “indulging” consumers in a shopping style like a traditional market, Qmart Ha Dong also has the right attractive features. Modern supermarket with fragrant fresh bakery counter – baguette bread only 1900 VND/piece, “delicious food in 10 minutes” preparation counter, children’s play area, bookstore…

Qmart maximizes integration of outstanding strengths Advantages of modern shopping channels such as transparent food origin, clear labels, guaranteed food hygiene and safety, publicly listed prices, attractive information and spotlight programs, and utilities such as electricity and water payments, airline tickets, movie tickets movies…cooperating with Payoo payment system and many other attractive value-added programs…

In the context of Ha Dong becoming the most vibrant developing planning area of ​​Hanoi Capitalnhu The shopping demand of residents here is huge. Meanwhile, traditional markets and grocery stores are still poor in terms of product variety, not making consumers feel secure about food hygiene and safety issues.

The opening of Qmart Ha Dong with the participation of Investment and careful calculation of the supermarket model, the diversity of products and the absolute guarantee of food safety and hygiene along with modern shopping facilities have brought a completely new choice to consumers. Consume a reasonable, spacious and modern shopping space for the whole family. At Qmart, consumers will experience a completely new shopping model: going to traditional markets in a modern style.

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Fresh services“fresh” promotions

According to a survey by reporters, residents living in areas surrounding supermarkets cannot hide joy and excitement when a large-scale supermarket like Qmart Ha Dong opens to serve customers. Not only does it improve the face of the surrounding urban area, Qmart Ha Dong is also a new shopping and entertainment address for residents of the eastern part of Ha Dong district. “Various goods, clean and eye-catching display, full of everything the family needs. Especially the staff are very warm and thoughtful, creating a feeling of closeness for customers” – Ms. Trang (CT6A building) happily shared.

Qmart Ha Dong also knows how to “delight” customers. Here with a series of promotional programs during the opening period such as lucky draw for Smart TV, household products, 50% off, thousands of products, additional 10% off on all bills during the opening week, program “Tet Round Price”. delicious” with products priced from only 2000 VND 5000 VND…

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In the context of fierce competition in the retail market, large-scale and well-invested modern supermarkets like Qmart Ha Dong are wise moves to score points in the hearts of consumers as well as is a way to assert the position of enterprise on this competitive retail playground.

With the opening and putting Qmart Ha Dong supermarket into operation, the Qmart retail chain is allowing seeing the tireless efforts to serve an essential green life for Vietnamese families in a modern way, just as Ms. Dinh Thi My Loan, President of the Vietnam Retailers Association, once shared: “Vietnam’s retail market We really need and should welcome domestic retailers from large corporations with reputation and economic potential like T&T Group. New and dynamic factors such as the Qmart supermarket chain will contribute to promoting the development of the Vietnamese retail market in a more modern and systematic direction.