Staring eyes send dreams across the border

Home the Quang Dung (First State Award in 2001) wrote this work in 1948, at that time he was an officer of Battalion 212 Tay Tien Regiment, Deputy of the Vietnam – Laos Armed Forces.

On the occasion of the founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22), Poetry Lover BLOG would like to respectfully introduce.

Tay Tien

The Ma River is far away, Westward!
Remembering the mountains and forests, remembering playing with
Sai Khao, the fog covers the tired army
Muong Lat flowers come back in the night

Slope up steep and winding
Pig absorbs dunes and clouds The gun smells the sky
A thousand meters up, a thousand meters down
Whose house is Pha Luong, the rain is far away from the sea

My friend is so tired that he can’t walk anymore
He collapsed on his gun and hat, forgetting about life!
In the afternoon, majestically, the waterfall roars
At night, Muong Hich tigers tease people

Remembering the West, rice rises up in smoke
Mai Chau, the season when you are fragrant with sticky rice

Doanh The camp lit up with a festival of torches and flowers
Look how long you’ve been wearing your clothes
Playing the melody, she’s shy
Music about Vientiane builds poetic soul

People go to Chau Moc that foggy afternoon
br>Do you see the soul wiping away the shore
Do you remember the figure of the person on the dugout
Drifting in the flood water, flowers swaying

The army marches to the West without hair
The army is green with fierce leaves Majestic
Glorious eyes send dreams across the border
At night dreaming of Hanoi with a fragrant figure

Scattered across the border with graves from far away lands
The battlefield does not regret the green life
robes changed his decision to return to the land
The Ma River roared its solo song

The people who went West went without promises
The road up was deep and divided
Who went West that spring
The soul does not return to Sam Nua.

                                            Quang Dung

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Selected and introduced by poet Bui Hoang Tam.