Strangely beautiful “black” houses around the world

However, after admiring the beautiful black houses below, perhaps many people will have a different view of this less popular color!

This jet black house in Norway is built mainly from wood. This creates a special connection between technology and technology. Surrounded by green space, the exterior of the house exudes an extremely modern beauty with simple design lines, a novel modular structure, and most of all, the mysterious black color that is difficult to achieve. clash.

This 278 square meter house in Vancouver is a typical example of a popular housing model for a family of 4-6 people. There is a design quite large and popular at the present time, but thanks to the black color covering the entire exterior, this project still creates its own mark.

Standing out in the barren desert space of California’s Yucca Valley is a “black” villa that looks like it came from another planet of God. This project was built based on the original idea of ​​creating an urban highlight in the wilderness and it seems that the results have exceeded the owner’s expectations.

With a large villa like this, the architect has shown his ingenuity by installing “oversize” glass windows spread evenly across all three floors of the building Helps the entire “black” building no longer feel heavy and gloomy. What people feel is only the unique modern beauty that is also extremely mysterious.

If you like a minimalist style but don’t like it, perhaps this black house in Japan is a good suggestion for you. Overview of the design The exterior design of the house is so simple that the whole building looks like boxes folded together, but it is also thanks to the absolute simplicity of the design and the mysterious black color but the house stands out among the whole neighborhood.

Besides the unique look from using black paint, this project also makes a strong impression thanks to The design looks like two single houses joined together to create a very distinctive M-shaped roof.

The use of black tiles makes the house less “aggressive” than its brothers on this list. Along with that, the designer has concluded Adding wooden walls creates a mixture of colors and materials, creating a harmonious and eye-catching overall look.