Tay Ho – The capital’s livable land

Back in the past, a West Lake with a thousand years of history

For a long time, people have been telling each other the saying: The land of the West Lake, Thang Long cannot become a capital “It means that if the land does not have West Lake, Thang Long cannot become the capital. Thus, it can be seen that West Lake has long been an important terrain in the capital.

Looking back to the past with its prime position Converging with poetic beauty that captivates people’s hearts, West Lake has caught the “eyes” of feudal dynasties and has become the center of resorts and entertainment. This is the place visited by emperors, nobles, and nobles to have fun, enjoy boating, drink wine, watch the moon, consider it a place to travel with poetic and charming scenery.

There are many other lakes in Thang Long, but there is no place as special as West Lake, which has many scenic relics. Around “Thang Long Four Towns”, there are two special works located in West Lake: Quan Thanh Temple, also known as Tran Vu Quan, in the North and Thu Le Temple, also known as Voi Phuc Temple, in the North. Tay Ho Tay.

Since the Ly Dynasty, Tay Ho has had a unique and large-scale master plan by forming 13 specialized craft villages such as: ornamental flowers and plants in Nghi Tam Ngoc Ha; kumquat in Tu Lien, Quang Ba; peaches in Nhat Tan, Phu Thuong; ornamental fish in Yen Phu; growing mulberry and raising silkworms in Nghi Tam; weaving silk in Buoi; growing traditional medicine in Dai Yen; bronze casting in Ngu Xa…

West Lake has long made many people fall in love with the beauty of trees, flowers and leaves; by the color of water, clouds and sky. There are so many anecdotes about the sediment that “shadows” it, making this land a symbolic land that cannot be ignored in Hanoi.

Up to now, the land of outstanding development

Up to now, following the flow of the Red River, carrying the historical and cultural roots of the Vietnamese people, Tay Ho district is named after West Lake and gradually becomes a place possessing great potential. booming development.

It is not difficult to understand when Tay Ho land is planned by the Hanoi government to become one of two new administrative areas to house 13 embassies and relocate 5 ministries and 8 departments. including: Ministry of Planning and InvestmentMinistry of Agriculture and Rural DevelopmentMinistry of JusticeMinistry of Industry and TradeMinistry of Transport and Construction along with dozens of offices of international organizations and entertainment centers – large office headquarters of LotteSamsungDaewoo…

Continuing the development

Owning the vital location of the Capital and landscape advantages West Lake soon became the top choice of successful people, where urban areas for the rich gradually formed. Besides, the added value of assets here is also an attractive factor in the eyes of investors. However, not every area along rivers and lakes has a large land fund to implement many projects, not to mention the constraints on planning that come first.

Therefore, living near West Lake is still one of the wishes of many Hanoi people because of the rare landscape and terrain advantages of this livable land.