That said: “That’s your heart…”

Song of Spring 1961

I wrote a spring poem

Thousand nine hundred sixty-one

The apple branches in early summer are shaking with sweet fruit

The sun shines on the dew and glittering drops…

It’s so cold that the sun is warm

It’s very bitter and bitter Isn’t that sweet and delicious?

Farewell to the wistful old year

I’ve heard that the new spring is unusually lighthearted!

Hello, beautiful spring!

Hey baby? Your cheeks are red

Like a passionate first date

I held your hand clumsily

That said: “Your heart

Very truthfully divided into three red parts:

You reserved most for the Party

The part for poetry and the part for me to love…”

I was embarrassed: “That’s a lot, isn’t it?”

Then we kissed two comrades

Let’s walk together until tomorrow morning

I’ll take you back and spring will come in my arms!

Oh the joyful song of the lark

In the rice fields, I admire spring

Spring, oh spring, spring is so happy

The sea happily rises with white waves at the top of the rapids

The poem was sung coolly in the wishes:

The road to happiness is wide and wide

Tam Dao Ba Vi happy green spring mountains…

Hello 61 ! The height of thousands of feet

I stand here and look in all directions

Looking back to the past and looking to the future

Looking North, South, looking at the whole world!< /p>

Going through a difficult life

The poem still holds the pain of a lover

Floating in a floating life

To Nhu, tears flowed around Kieu’s body!

Hearing Nguyen Trai’s soul drifting

The sound of swords, the sound of poetry tearing at the heart…

Oh, the voice of our ancestors in the past

Please sing for joy today:

A land and sky in your hands

Even if it is not yet perfect, still fly the flag pink!

Vietnam is a heroic nation

Successful and successful with nothing!

Is there anything beautiful in the world? more than that

Lovers live to love each other

The Party gives us a rich heart

Stand straight and walk with your head up and fly!

That happy life is open today

Like my department store

Dear lovers, please stop by to buy flowers

And go there to buy some wedding gift:

Nam Dinh silk is beautiful and fresh

Hang Dao comb combs her green hair!

I’m still poor and the streets are crowded with small houses</p >

But it’s enough for a few pictures to hang for Tet…

Life is happy, the song of Solidarity

We hold hands and rebuild our lives

Rice fields, upland potatoes, cassava, coffee gardens

Pig pens, chickens, vegetables, fish ponds

Clean up the fallen manure, pick up every leaf tip

Every piece of coal and cassava weighs corn

I cherish and gather to build a fortune!

Oh, I really like the Northern poem

It’s very free, so fresh music, fresh rhymes

The whole space seems to be getting closer

Time also forgets the weeks and months.

Life is young again. Everything is revolutionary!

Eliminate loneliness and poverty

Our homeland is bustling with communal joy

Those who cooperate make the rice thicker there.

Breast enlargement line. The small rows of willows

have turned green like fifteen-year-old hair

Spring, spring has only been here for a few years

But Life has become jubilant and festive

Like today in the middle of a dusty red construction site

Convoys of trucks go one after another

Hong Quang Lao Cai Thai Nguyen Viet Tri

The country’s name rings with joy…

Let’s go! Uncle Ho said

New Year’s Eve, spring night singing

Five-year plan. Invite the troops

Invite the feet to move forward.

All under the flag sing and walk!

Let’s go! Clearing wild forests

Ask where are the high mountains, where is the iron and where is the gold?

Ask where is the sea far away where the fish run?

Da river, Lo river, Red river Flow

Where do you ask where the waterfall jumps to turn the electricity around?

Dear boys and girls

On the cloudy passes and rocky mountains

Let’s do everything with our two hands!

Spring has come. Rushing the future

The smoke of new factories in the morning…

For whom do I write poem 61?

It’s late at night and the cold is freezing

Hanoi murmurs… The whistle blows outside the station

A train moves away

The sound of rustling running along the Southern road…

Oh, it’s not a train! That’s my heart

The pounding sound wants to break in half!

I know you’re very strong, my heart

Don’t cry. But why is it so hot?

Like a fire burning in my heart, so windy?

These past few days, I’ve been like a homesick child

I’ve been wandering in and out of excitement.

Hear the sound of drums and guns

The South woke up and cheered!

My three children have been sleeping for a long time

How much is left to sleep in the crib

The North of my children’s paradise!

The rooster crows in the morning. Poetry, bring wings of fire

Fly away! The bird chirps at the door

Another spring day has arrived. Dawn

Apple branch in early summer, sweet fruit shaking

Like simple happiness, a small dream

Hanging before our eyes:







To Huu