The world’s blackest mystery can “swallow” light

The world’s blackest black color, Vantablack, was developed by the Surrey NanoSystems research institute in England three years ago and has inspired many scientists and artists.

This color makes from tiny, straight tubes that can “swallow” light. This material can absorb up to 99-96% of the light shining on it, making 3D objects look like a black 2D hole. No one You can guess what texture and material the black painted object has.

“If you put it on a flat surface without any other black material next to it for comparison, it will just feel like a pure black surface . If you place it on a 3D object like wrinkled foil, it will still look like a pure black surface. It’s only when you rotate it that you realize the depth and size and how different it is,” said Ben Jensen, director of engineering at Surrey NanoSystems.

When things are black Other normal things placed next to these objects also look less black.

Even though the Vantalack color released a few years ago was already very black, scientists still made efforts to research to come up with Last year, scientists announced that the new upgraded version was so black that it swallowed infrared rays … disappeared.

Surrey NanoSystems said the Vantablack product has been applied in a number of very large multi-device devices and this product is also making waves in the art world. Currently, only one artist has full rights to use this product.

British artist Anish Kapoor recognized the potential of this product from the first days and offered to make it. Exclusive job with research institute. This causes many “fighting” incidents. When artist Stuart Temple created the world’s rosiest pink he allowed nearly everyone to use it except Anish. But gradually Anish still found a way to use this pink color.

“This is the blackest color in the universe after black holes. You can really disappear in this black color.” so” Anish said.