Wind chimes festival ‘calls summer’ in Japan

Japanese wind chimes are called Furin (風鈴). Fu” is wind and “rin” is bell. Furin wind chimes are circular in shape with a hanging blade attached to the center of the bell that helps create sound when it moves, at the bottom there is a small piece of paper hanging. With this combination helps wind chimes create gentle, clear sounds and melodies.

Wind chimes according to Japanese custom protect and ward off evil spirits. They always believe that if you live in an area where you can hear the Furin bell, misfortunes will not come to them.

In addition, the Japanese also write good wishes on the paper hanging below to Their wishes will be sent to the gods when the bell rings.
In Japan Furin is traditionally hung inside the house near the window or outside under the eaves. To catch the wind and enhance that beautiful vibration, each Furin has a piece of hard paper hanging underneath.

There is no better place around the Tokyo area to experience the magic of a wind chimes festival than in the historic city of Kawagoe.

Kawagoe It traces its lineage back several centuries when the town bustled with merchants plying their trade in the nearby capital area of ​​Edo (today Tokyo).

Many of the former shops and warehouses have been carefully restored, making the town’s historic area a popular destination for tourists who want to experience a taste of old Japan.

Wind chimes festival calls summer in Japan

Hikawa Shrine located on the edge of Kawagoe city will welcome summer with a large-scale Enmusubi Wind Chimes festival from July 9 to August 31. The temple has a history of nearly 1,500 years, but the festival only recently started around 2014. Even though it has only existed for a short time, the festival still has a lot of people coming, about 100,000 people every year since the festival started.

During the festival, the temple is divided into many areas so that visitors can explore more than. One of the main points of the event is Furin Komichi or “wind chimes road”, a long road highlighted by fragile glass bells with nearly 12 colors.

Similarly, the Furin Kairo (“marriage wind chime corridor”) features the wishes of worshipers written on thin pieces of wood and attached to them. into the bell.

The goshinsui water (offered to the Gods) flowing through the grounds of Kawagoe Hikawa Shrine will be lit to represent ‘Amano gawa noNegai Goto’  (prayer of the Milky Way) illustrates the story of the union between the constellations Thien Lang and Zhi Nu.

In this area visitors can enjoy the feeling of peace radiating from Takemari Furin Objet d’Artwhere bamboo decorations create moving patterns in light and shadow.

The festival takes place every day from 9am to 9pm, giving visitors the opportunity to experience the wind chimes both in daylight and in the dark. Kawagoe also has many other locations including Penny Candy Alley – perfect for those with a sweet tooth – and plenty of shops and restaurants in the nearby business district.

Don’t leave without taking a photo a photo of the town’s famous Toki no Kane or the Time Bell that has proudly stood on the city’s skyline for over 400 years.

Please come and see ” “The clear beauty during the day, the magical beauty at night” of the wind chimes, don’t forget to write your own wishes or wishes on Tanzaku thanks to the wind to send them to your loved ones.