Women are beautiful because of themselves!

International Women’s Day March 8 is the day half the world honors women. Being a woman, of course everyone is beautiful. But it seems there is still a lot of debate about what is beautiful.

Recently, a quite famous MC wrote an article sharing his views about women on his Facebook personal page, causing a lot of controversy. argue. In short, this female MC believes that women must know how to beautify, must know how to prepare and show off” because a woman is an artist whose audience is men. A woman is “ugly from soul to body”. It’s not just the social community but the husband who is most guilty.

So who is a woman beautiful for? Because of her man or because of the eyes of others? If not beautiful, is it really a crime?

History books still circulate The story of an ugly woman is so ugly that her name is still attached to ugly women – Chung Vo Diem. But in fact, it is because of her intelligence and bravery (not because of her beauty or cunning dirty) she conquered King Qi and helped her husband protect and build the country.

That’s an ancient story, but nowadays if you’re as bad as Chung Vo Diem, I think you’ll meet a lot of people. Obstacles on your path to finding happiness.

According to traditional beliefs, the standard model of beauty for Vietnamese women is merit – content – language – conduct “Outer beauty”. Being ranked second proves that beauty is extremely important to women.

That does not mean that the person is not beautiful in appearance or not qualified to change her appearance. Through cosmetic surgery and expensive designer clothes and jewelry… you don’t have the right to enjoy the happiness of being loved and respected.

No matter how beautiful a woman is, it doesn’t matter. By the time the skin is wrinkled and the chest is sagging, the standard 3-round figure is replaced by a fat body with a fat belly and a chin. Going beyond that rule turns out to be just… a minority.

A man on the street who sees a beautiful girl with a hot body and doesn’t tremble must have reached the “realm” . But not everyone who falls in love with beautiful women falls because with a wife and family, in addition to love, there are also responsibilities and many other binding concepts. Their women were also beautiful and attractive when they were young. But what if it’s not beautiful in their eyes but beautiful in the eyes of… the neighbors? Therefore, whether ugly or beautiful is only relative unless it is too ugly!.

Do modern women need “merit – tolerance – language – virtue”? Definitely needed. But that’s not enough. In modern society, women value beauty and know how to beautify themselves, but they also value independence in both spiritual and economic life. They no longer hang around the kitchen, revolving around their children or men.

Women are beautiful first of all for themselves and have no obligation to be beautiful for men. Of course all men want their wives to be beautiful both physically and mentally. But if we “dump” all the housework and children to our wives while we women also have to work 8 hours a day and billions of other nameless jobs and expect our wives to be beautiful, then I’m afraid… it’s too difficult.

As a woman, everyone is beautiful, it just depends on how beautiful they are under what circumstances and in whose eyes. If a woman’s beauty can be changed with plastic surgery, then inner beauty, intelligence and bravery are a long process of building up.

Therefore, when a woman herself A woman who knows how to love and respect herself, has a beautiful and kind soul, nurtures her family and constantly tries to prove herself is a symbol of beauty. And when they are beautiful, they deserve to be loved and happy, right, men?