10 “craziest” competitions on earth

1. Dwarf throwing competition
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The Dwarf Throwing Contest originates from Australia the 80s. Athletes participating in the competition tried their best to throw dwarfs equipped with clothes with special pads the farthest distance, but the competition was not very popular because it suffered considered disrespectful to dwarfs and banned in some places.
2 air
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Since 1996 the air guitar championship has become an integral part of the Oulu Music Video Festival held annually in Oulu Finland. The idea of ​​the contest was originally conceived as a joke (in which performers pretended to be playing rock or guitar solos) and it was intended as a side contest for the Video Festival music.

The first air guitar competitions were held in the early 80s in Sweden and America. There are many regulations in place, but the most important is that all “real” musical instruments are banned. In 2008, the Gold Award winner was Craig “Hot Lixx Hulahan” Billmeie from the US.

3. Dangerous clothing contest

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The Dangerous Clothing Contest was initiated in 1997 in Leicester England. This is an extremely exciting and also very dangerous sport as all participating athletes must be prepared to iron some clothes while hanging from cliffs immersed in ice or deep water .

4. World Sauna Competition

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The World Sauna Competition takes place in Heinola Finland every August. This competition took place for the first time in 1999, attracting athletes from more than 20 countries around the world to participate. All athletes must sit in a sauna with a temperature of 110° and half a liter of water is added every 30 seconds. They must sit in an upright position with their thighs and buttocks touching the seat. The person who can sit the longest will be the winner of the contest.

5. The world’s ugliest dog contest

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The world’s ugliest dog contest takes place every year in California, USA. Along with the title of “world’s ugliest dog”, its owner will receive a prize of 1,000 USD. The title of 2008 went to a Chinese mixed breed dog  with a  bald head  with only three legs and one eye.

6. Contest of beards and mustaches


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The strangest beard competition has attracted thousands of gentlemen to compete for the title of bearded man. The most creative and perfectly trimmed mustache. This year the contest will be held on May 23 in Anchorage Alaska (USA). 
7. Miss Russian Army Contest

To promote the image and attract more male soldiers  the Russian Ministry of Defense decided to organize a beauty contest for female soldiers . The pageant’s activities include performing on the catwalk in uniform and talent competition. In the contest held in 2005,  Miss Ksenya Agarkova, an engineer from the Russian Northern Fleet, was crowned Miss.

8. World Pudding Throwing Contest

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This bizarre contest has attracted many tourists from all over to the small town of Ramsbottom England. The object of the game is to throw a bent black pudding into a rack hanging on a wall at a height of 6m.
9. Horse Chestnut Throwing Contest
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The first horse chestnut throwing contest takes place came out in 1965. The winner will step up to the podium and receive a crown made from horse chestnuts. There are separate competitions for men, women and teenagers.

10. World Worm Digging Contest

10 craziest contests on earth - 10

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One of the weirdest competitions in the world is the worm digging competition! Worm diggers from around the world will participate in 30 minutes of frantic digging in search of worms. The competition first took place in 1980 and has now become an annual event as a sport. The current world record was set by Tom Shufflebotham with the achievement of digging 511 worms in 30 minutes.
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