10 tallest men in the world

10. Ri Myung Hun (2 35m)

Ri Myung Hun (or also known as Michael Ri) is the mainstay of the North Korean national basketball team. He was once recognized as the tallest person in the world. Michael Ri intended to play in the American professional basketball tournament NBA in the 1990s but it doesn’t work.
9. Sun Ming-Ming (2 36m)
Sun Ming Ming (August 23, 2019) 1983) is a Chinese basketball player. He is one of the tallest professional basketball players in the world. In the summer of 2005 Sun discovered that a tumor was causing the amount of growth hormone in his body to spike.

8. Bao Xishun (2 36m)

Bao Xishun (also known as “Xi Shun”) is a farmer living in Inner Mongolia China. He is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest living man on the planet. In December 2006, veterinarians had to turn to Mr. Bao to ask for help in removing pieces of plastic from the stomachs of two whales who had been depressed and had lost their appetite since accidentally swallowing a few pieces. plastic. Doctors tried everything but could not get them out. Mr. Bao used his 1.06 meter long arm to pull out the pieces of plastic.

7. Sultan Kosen (2 47m)

Sultan Kosen (born 1983) is a Turkish basketball player. Previously, he had a back problem so he couldn’t stand straight. An expert advisor for the Galatasaray team found him in a small town near the border of Türkiye and Iraq. At that time, he was 2 42 meters tall. After the surgery, his back grew 5 cm taller. Currently Sultan is the tallest basketball player in the world.

6. Suleiman Ali Nashnush (2 45m)

Suleiman Ali Nashnush (1943-1991) is One in 12 people in the history of medicine was taller than 2.40 meters. He played for Libya’s basketball team and is also an actor. In 1960  Nashnush had to undergo successful surgery to stop his growth. Suleiman is also one of the tallest basketball players.

5. Gabriel Estevao Monjane (2 46m)

Gabriel Estevao Monjane (1944-1990) is the tallest African to date. He was born in Manjacaze Mozambic and grew as “Saint Giong” since his birth. At the age of 17, Mojane reached a height of 2,38m. After that, Gabriel joined a Portuguese circus and it didn’t take long for him to grow 8 cm taller.

4. Vaino Myllyrinne (2 47m)

Vaino Myllynrinne (1909-1963) was recognized as the tallest person in the world at that time. point 191-1963. At the age of 21, Vaino reached a height of 2,22m and weighed 197kg, but when he was nearly 40 years old, he “stopped growing” and his height stopped at 2,47m.
3. Leonid Ivanovych Standnyk (2 57m)

In 2008, the Guinness Book of World Records officially recognized Leonid Ivanovych Standnyk (born 1971 in Ukraine) is the tallest living man on the planet. He is 2 57m tall. Leonid began growing rapidly  after brain surgery at age 14 due to a pituitary tumor that caused the body to secrete too much growth hormone. 20 years later, doctors discovered that the tumor had disappeared without a trace and Leonid is still completely healthy.

On August 20, 2008, editor-in-chief of the Guinness World Records book Craig Glenday announced that the title of tallest contemporary man in the world belonged to Bao Xishun. after Leonid refused to have his height re-measured according to the new standards.

2. John Rogan (2 68m)

John Rogan (1868-1905) lived in Sumner County, Tennessee and was African American tallest. He began to grow rapidly in height at the age of 13 and since then suffered from joint stiffness so he could not walk. No one knew John’s exact height until his death. The amazing thing is that at 2 68m tall, John weighs only 79kg. Rogan died in 1905 after a serious illness.
1. Robert Pershing Wadlow (2 72m)
Robert Pershing Wadlow (1918-1940) is the tallest man in the history of medicine . In his hometown, Robert is often called “the giant Alton” because he lives in the city of Alton, Illinois, USA. He is also recognized as the person with the biggest and widest hands  that can easily hide a 2 liter soda bottle in his palm.
When passing Wadlow is 2,72m tall and weighs 220kg.
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