10 things to remember when falling in love

They have contemplated the 10 most important things that need to be kept in mind when starting a love relationship.

1. Be yourself

Don’t change yourself for someone else if you don’t want it

Don’t change yourself for someone else Eyes of suspicion or because you’re not yourself because you’re trying to be like someone else, don’t imitate someone else Lasts a long time and makes you tired. You like that girl, you change yourself to resemble the model she wants. Have you ever questioned whether the girl you like is you or the role model you’re trying to create?

2.Know your worth

Many of us look for love for the wrong reasons. If you are looking for someone to “position you,” stop. Having a handsome and talented lover does not increase your value. On the contrary, having a beautiful, intelligent lover will not make you honored.


Faith is an important ingredient to cook love soup. Mutual trust will make it easy for you and your partner to share everything with each other. Trust will help both avoid unnecessary misunderstandings. Rumors and insinuations that are harmful to your relationship will be quelled with just a simple sentence: “I believe her” or “I believe him”.

4.No one is perfect

Sometimes you create perfection in your head and use it as a measure of truth. No one in the world is perfect. When you love each other, you should accept imperfections. This acceptance is an important key to all lasting relationships.

5.People do not change easily 

We often mistakenly think that putting a princess dress on a girl can turn her into a princess. The truth is that the outfit cannot help a girl fulfill the role of a princess. That’s why it is said that a robe does not make a monk. Human mentality is not easy to change. Furthermore, do you like having others change you? So be fair and don’t be ambitious about changing others. To love each other is to accept each other’s shortcomings.

6. Maintaining image

No matter how close you are to each other, you must maintain your image in the other person’s eyes. No one loves closing their eyes all day. If your hair is messy and dirty, no one will love you. Sometimes becoming gorgeous and beautiful to seduce the other person is also a way to make the relationship sustainable and warm up the feelings between two people.

7.Love is different from possession

It is very difficult to have love at first sight . That’s not to say that that type of love doesn’t happen. But who can be sure that they are lucky to have that love? So consider that it takes time to love someone. A guy seeing a girl may have thoughts of wanting to possess her, which is not love. But couples who love each other want to belong to each other and want to possess each other, which is a very normal desire. When you love, you shouldn’t be in a hurry because the relationship that comes from the feeling of possessiveness will not last long.

8.It’s not just about love

We still know from movies that songs talk about strong, eternal love. But the truth is not like that just because you love them doesn’t mean they love you. Just because you love them today doesn’t mean you’ll still love them tomorrow. Life still has other relationships besides love. If you let one person hold your mind too much, they will dominate your life a lot. Balance your relationships because life is not only about love.

9.First love: if you haven’t forgotten it, just remember it 

People often talk about their first love forever. Perhaps the first thing is also the most impressive thing: your first love will be something you will never forget. Even if the ending makes you feel pain and torment, you should still thank it for making you feel moved. Maybe it will be a wound that won’t heal, but it will also be an experience that helps you become more mature in love. So if you haven’t forgotten, just remember it in your mind.

10. Break up if you want

Words I don’t expect many people to apply this advice. We should admit that sometimes letting go of someone is liberating for you and liberating for that person. If the current relationship has made both of you feel stressed and tired, there is no reason to hold on. But if you haven’t tried your best to hold on to that person, please don’t let go.

Ha Nga