12 popular interior design styles you should know

There are many design styles different interiors to meet the needs and preferences of each owner.

Architect Duy Son – who has many years of experience in designing residential construction – presents outstanding features of 12 popular interior design styles that many people have chosen in recent years. 

1. Modern style

This is an outstanding and popular style today. Modern design focuses on details using simple lines instead of elaborate decoration.

Modern design is suitable. suitable for small spaces using many contrasting tones. 

2. Indochine style (Indochina)

Indochine is a design style with strong Asian characteristics with the interference between Vietnamese culture and French culture. In this style, the main color tone often used is yellow, light yellow, and white.

Indochine design style brings a feeling of closeness and has been chosen by many people recently.

< h4>3. Neoclassical style

Neoclassical style is a design style that combines modernity and classicism to create a luxurious overall look. This is considered a style that helps the house have a timeless beauty, showing the sophistication of the homeowner.

4. Minimalist style (minimalist)

With the minimalist design style, the designer prioritizes eliminating all redundant details, retaining only the basic beauty to create the most spacious and comfortable space for guests. homeowner.

Decorative items are only used when absolutely necessary. This style often focuses on using delicate items as a highlight for the whole.

5. Rustic style

Rustic is a style aimed at rusticity, connecting architecture with nature. In this style, furniture items are always tried to be kept in their most original state, bringing a rustic, close look.

6. Retro style

This is a style with a bit of the 5060s of the last century. Retro prioritizes the use of bright and cheerful tones as highlights.

7. Vintage style

Vintage style uses harmonious colors and deep tones to create an overall classic look with a bit of levity.

Outstanding features of the style Vintage is often using old antique items to highlight modern items.

8. Contemporary style

This is a style that only uses straight lines in design and does not use curvy patterned lines.

With contemporary style, the house is optimized for functionality. functionality and minimize unnecessary details.

9. Mediterranean design style

In Mediterranean design, harmony is the top priority. Harmony in the use of colors, materials and furniture to create a pleasant overall look. 

The furniture is modestly designed but still exudes modern comfort and beauty.

10. Japanese design style

Japanese style focuses on nature, creating a touch point between nature and living space. The furniture is arranged neatly and reasonably, creating a neat and pleasant overall appearance.

The furniture is mainly made from natural stone and wood to highlight the rustic beauty.

12 popular interior design styles you should know - 3

Japanese design style suitable for people who like neat and minimalist (Illustration: Pinterest).

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11. Tropical design style

This is a style inspired by tropical countries. Characteristics of tropical style are colorful tones that represent nature such as the blue of the sky, the yellow of the sea, the red of the sun…

12. Bohemian design style

Bohemian emphasizes personal elements in every detail. This style aims to be close to nature. The design is simple, the arrangement is somewhat messy but creates a reasonable, comfortable and relaxing whole for the homeowner.