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11 years of development of Langmaster English Center

Talking about the center’s 11-year development journey, Deputy General Director and CEO of Langmaster – Ms. Nguyen Thi Thach Thao shared: Through English training, Langmaster hopes to inspire students. Students change their beliefs and study habits to form the mindset of successful people. Langmaster’s working environment has helped students look at problems in a new […]

Conditions for enjoying maternity benefits when participating in social insurance

According to Clause 1, Article 31 of the 2014 Law on Social Insurance, employees are entitled to maternity benefits when falling into one of the following cases: pregnant female employees; female workers giving birth; female surrogate mothers and surrogate mothers; Employees adopting children under 6 months old; Female workers having IUDs inserted, workers performing sterilization […]

In 2024, will voluntary social insurance participants enjoy maternity benefits?

According to current regulations (Social Insurance Law 2014), voluntary social insurance participants only have two basic benefits: retirement and survivorship. Therefore, even though participants are supported by the state with payment rates, voluntary social insurance is still not attractive enough for people to participate. To increase the attractiveness of voluntary social insurance, in the Social […]

Dong A Cosmetic Hospital is in the top 10 “Excellent Asian Brands 2022”

The program was surveyed, evaluated, voted by the Southeast Asia Institute of Finance, Investment, Cooperation and Trade (SEAFIT) and broadcast live on HTV1 and VTC6. According to the organizers, the “Asia Excellent Brands – Brands” program is one of the prestigious events deployed nationwide with the aim of honoring famous brands in the Asia-Thai region. […]

The couple brought their child back from Canada to pretend to buy goods, and the grandmother burst into tears when she recognized her child

On April 11, social networks shared a video of a young couple bringing their children home to visit, to surprise their grandparents. Accordingly, the wife put on a hat, covered her face with a mask, carried her son in and pretended to buy yogurt. The mother did not realize that the two customers asking to buy […]