“Be quiet and listen…”

Nearly a century has passed and the poem “New Year’s Eve” is still as topical as it was written about today. today and for tomorrow.


Happy New Year

Quietly, I heard it wish each other:
Wishing each other a hundred years of gray hair
This time he decided to go into business
How much is the world? The boy pounded betel

Quietly, I heard him wish him wealth:
Where should I put the hundreds of thousands?
This time, chickens must eat silver
Copper falls, copper falls and jars must pray

Quietly listen to the blessings:
One buys a title, the other buys a mandarin
This time sir Decided to sell parasols
Sell while shouting to sell well

Quietly listen to him wish his child:
Born in the year of seven to be square and round
The streets are narrow and crowded with people
Carry each other on the mountain

Imitating someone, I wish a few words:
Wish everyone in life
Kings and officers, people from all over the world
How can one be given something like this? human-like.

Tu Xuong

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Selected and introduced by poet Bui Hoang Tam.