Do you know: How do giraffes sleep?

Due to the rather difficult sleeping position, the tallest animals in the world do not often stop to sleep. Giraffes are mammals that need the least amount of sleep can survive on an average of just half an hour of sleep a day.

When giraffes are still young, they lower themselves to the ground, tuck their legs under their bodies and put their heads on their backs to sleep.

Adults often also choose to sleep in this usual way but only for a few minutes at a time for their safety.

To change the sleeping position of deer Adult giraffes can sleep standing up completely in a state of drowsiness, this way keeping them alert to enemy attacks.

In captivity, giraffes can sleep continuously for 4-6 hours a day, mainly at night.

As a predator, evolution has made giraffes rarely lie down because it is difficult for them to stand up.

Sleeping and drinking water are both problems for giraffes because of their necks. it can hardly reach the ground.

To drink water they have to stretch their legs down in an awkward position, so giraffes mainly get water from the plants they eat and only need a few Just drink water once a day.

Huyen Anh
According to Mirror