Sister’s Love, Em’s poem

Below are some poems written on his deathbed Pham’s younger sister Ngoc Anh is now gone She is a person the dearest sister whom the author of the series “Journey to sowing words on roads of fire and smoke” first met right after from the battlefields of the South to the North. Sisterly Love is also conveyed by author Hai Am through a tearful poem…

House of Love

I miss the house where I was born

Warm Father’s love, passionate Mother’s love

The sound of birds singing in early summer, ripe banana trees

Pomegranate flowers here are very fruitful

Dad, I picked a plump pomegranate for you.

Eating sweetly and watching father smile with delight

Father smiled and picked the orange again

My garden has all kinds of things my father planted

Grapefruit trees and longan orange trees Seedless persimmon

Coconut tree and fruit filling the house

I love you children who grow a lot of fruit

Eating the fruit and then remembering the person who planted the tree


Whether going South, North or West

The house of love is still full of fruits  

Birds are still singing and flowers are still blooming

Ornamental plants filling the garden are giving off fragrance


I love the house and don’t want to leave

I  like picking flowers Go to the garden to pick fruit

Eat the fruit and it will be sweet like the fruit of love…

Missing Mom


Your mother is like any other mother

All the hard work of raising children

Cho Hammering in the fields early in the morning

Making flutes while planting rice and corn


Fresh vermicelli tofu

Every market has my mother selling goods

Lam Thao market Hien market Co Tiet market

My mother’s products ran out very quickly

My mother quickly ran to the powdered candy store

Buy a bunch for your child as a gift…

Mom has gone far away

I understand your heart children

Give food, share clothes, give warm blankets

In the morning, stir-fry boiled rice and boiled cassava and potatoes


Go to Phu Cuong market to sell bananas and custard apples

Save money for your children’s education

Dear Mom, how hard it is

You never complain about how hard it is

Whoever has a mother and father

Love your mother, love your father twice as much

A mother loves her child without calculation

I love my mother a little more

I asked my mother if she would give me gold and pearls

Wear necklace and ring to look pretty

Mom said  that she gave it to you  

Learning to read is your gold and silver


Mom, you are wonderful

Your filial piety makes your life happy

Talk to your child


Mother gave birth to two children all are boys

I love you more than gold and pearls

The child comes home late and the mother is always restless

A restless and restless sleep


I can rest assured that the children have a family

Be gentle and good children, study well

Children, life is still long< /p>

The  family career  strive to rise

</p >

Parents don’t give their children much money

Only love love is the most precious thing

Have children and move forward steadily

Now my mother and father have reached old age

Rely on your kind daughters-in-law and grandchildren

What medicine and what to eat every day


I still know that I’m in the hospital

It’s been very difficult for you guys

Hold on, keep strong, baby

When you’re well, mom return to take care of the children


Flower viewing

Since I was a child, I have loved flowers

White jasmine and pink peach blossoming

I ran around the garden looking at the flowers

fragrant white jasmine Pin it in your hair

Dad said jasmine flowers marinated in fragrant tea

Early in the morning, father drinks jasmine tea

Let me try just one cup

fragrant tea, I remember what Father often told me to do
Drink tea and stay alert, study hard

Father passed away, son resembles father

Likes to drink sweet-smelling jasmine tea

Remembering Dad and me looking at jasmine again…

My child’s room in the hospital is full of flowers

Mrs. Huyen and Lien

Buy bright roses for your child to see

Each color Fragrant flowers of every pink color


Red roses show off bright colors

Looking at the bright roses, I just want to smile

Flowers, please understand my heart

Love flowers, love the poetic sky


Pure ethereal yellow rose .

Shine a proud yellow color in the space

Red pink, yellow pink or pink pink

I love it and watch it all day

But pink rose has a strange scent

The gentle scent of perfume

Honey, flower, please come with me

Have fun going through rapids



Time  stop it

Let me sit and ponder

Let me dream

Let me give you kind words

For those lovely little angels

Sunset every afternoon

Golden sunlight shines on your hair

And tomorrow The sun rises again

Dawn shines in the sky

Time passes by

My illness doesn’t wait

Doctor, doctor

My family looks forward

Cure  treat me quickly

Tomorrow, tomorrow is full of hope

Life, time follows life cycle…

My dear, keep your faith!


You went away when I was young

The battlefield I will always remember

Your parents are always  in your heart

When you came back I was a student

My sister is kind and beautiful

The school that many people dream of going to

Friends and teachers stick by my side

The future is wide open for what you learn

The nursery of talents

When I go to work, I am an officer

There’s my beloved Uncle to lift my steps

Sister and sister are closest

When you’re happy or sad, you’re always there


My dear, how can I forget those difficult years?

I am resilient and keep moving forward

When you go away, when you come back, I’ll come to you

Love sisters don’t have a pen to write


The way back home is always with you and me 

Don’t go far and leave me alone

I miss you so much, keep it a secret

I live in this world to be loved


You want to share

Who can bear the pain you endure

Sister, be strong

This life is not without faith!

Pham Thi Hai Am