Eliminate drowsiness

Listen to music

According to experts, music acts as a stimulant to the brain, so whenever you feel tired or sleepy We often have the habit of turning on our favorite music and singing along.

Music is the quickest and easiest way to prevent drowsiness while working. One After listening to music, you will find yourself regaining clarity and being able to return to work.

Drink plenty of water

Water helps lubricate the organs and helps the body work most effectively. According to research in Germany, drinking warm water during the day helps increase metabolic rate by about 30%. In addition, providing a sufficient amount of water to go to the toilet every hour is an effective measure to dispel drowsiness, especially for those who have to work long hours at the computer.

Therefore Be proactive in drinking water because simply having to stand and wash a cup to get water… also helps you stay more alert. Note that the most suitable amount of water per day in winter and summer is 2 liters of water.

Relax your eyes

Look continuously and Fixing on the computer screen can cause some eye problems and cause drowsiness. Occasionally you need to step away from the screen for a few minutes to relax your eyes and avoid fatigue. If you often work at a computer, you should place the screen 50-60 cm away from your eyes, center lower than the center of your eyes…

If you are feeling sleepy, chat with colleagues career so that the brain can be more active. This is a very stimulating behavior, especially when discussing political topics.

Get up and move

When you are too sad If you sleep while working, stand up and move your body for a few minutes. According to experts on sleep disorders, moving or gently exercising the body will quickly stimulate the brain to become alert again. You should ensure that exercise accounts for 30% of your working time.

Gentle exercise is as simple as moving your limbs and turning around to get toiletries. Instead of taking the elevator to your rooms, take the stairs. Even walk up and down a few times when sleepiness surrounds you.

A 2006 Belgian study showed that light affects the brain to help increase Increases attention, excitement and regulates emotions during the day.

Exposure to sunlight in the morning will reset the biological clock for people with the habit of falling asleep intermittently. and helps the mind stay alert immediately when the body is most tired.

At work, you can choose a seat near the window where you are exposed to natural light. If you don’t sit in this position, try going out to eat lunch or sip a cup of coffee outside.

Note what you eat for lunch

A lunch with fried foods will take your body a long time to digest and make you feel heavy and just want to go to sleep right away.

To avoid sleepiness in the afternoon, say No proteins like chicken, fish, seafood… Dark green vegetables contain a lot of fiber, which helps brain cells get enough oxygen, making the mind clear in the afternoon.

In addition, you should not eating too much lunch because this is not only not good for your health ” data-content-target=”https://dantri.com.vn/suc-khoe.htm” data-track-content=”” href=”https://dantri.com.vn/suc-khoe.htm “>health but also the culprit that tempts you to sleep.

Get enough sleep during the day

Feeling sad Sleep is not entirely due to food. If you don’t get enough sleep regardless of what you eat, afternoon sleepiness will appear. Insomnia can lead to a number of problems including lack of concentration and afternoon drowsiness.

Napping is very good for health, especially for people with office jobs. Try to take a 10 – 25 minute nap to create energy to improve alertness and work performance in the afternoon.

Nhu Trang