Famous poem “wife flattery” by Dr. Le Thong Nhat

“Know – Don’t know

Maybe next to you

There is a a man like that

Doesn’t know how to give you cosmetics that you like

Doesn’t know how to say good things that others have in abundance

Doesn’t know how to choose the whole type Expensive flowers make the buyer shudder a bit

I don’t know how to post a greeting card on Facebook

I don’t know how to invite you to a Korean or Chinese restaurant

< p>I don’t know how to praise you when I come home from the hairdresser

I don’t know the English song that every young person knows

I don’t know how to compare good wines at each meal party

And maybe a few more things I don’t know, honey!


The men you see in the world

It can be different from one person

Being by your side for many years

Knowing how to work hard with you to come up from nothing

Knowing how to wake up early and stay up late When your child is sick and your wife is sick

Know what you can do to make meals not only have vegetables

Know your rice box is empty so you can take care of it in advance

Know What Tet spending money is our family lacking?

Know how to advise your mother-in-law when she’s upset about you

Know what story books you still like to read

Know how to worry Let your child study under a lamp

Know how to hide your illness because you’re afraid your sister will cry

Know how often the bike you ride spins out of control

Know I’m moved by tears, my children’s happy day…

Know – There are so many things that can’t be told


There is a man like so

Please don’t be sad! Honey!

How to choose a type of man in the world

There may be one thing that everyone doesn’t know

Know – Don’t know what to choose wife?

When there are so many things around us…

Le Thong Nhat

Poet Bui Hoang Tam selected and commented.