Is fresh vermicelli really “fresh”?

Fresh vermicelli, as the name suggests, is a pre-hydrated vermicelli that consumers only need to Buy it, cut it, wash it with water, then blanch it and you can use it without wasting time soaking it in water like previous traditional vermicelli. According to information from Thai Wah Vietnam, a company that produces fresh vermicelli in Vietnam Fresh vermicelli is cooked during the production process and then undergoes microbiological treatment so that the product can be preserved for a long time, then the finished product is packaged, skipping the drying process to become dry vermicelli The product is truly “fresh” and can be used immediately without spending too much time preparing and processing.

According to Thai Wah Vietnam, fresh vermicelli is a product that has been present in the market for a long time. Thai market and become very popular in the cuisine of the land of the Golden Temple. From sidewalk stalls and luxury restaurants to family meals, Thai people use fresh vermicelli a lot due to the convenience this product brings. . Tom Yum vermicelli stir-fried with crab and Yum Woon Sen seafood salad… are dishes that any Thai food lover knows and are dishes that Thai people use a lot of fresh vermicelli to prepare During the soaking time, just wash and put into processing, the shelf life is also quite long – from 45 to 60 days when stored under normal conditions. These are the reasons why fresh vermicelli has completely conquered market consumers. Thai.

Fresh food that can be preserved for up to 45 – 60 days under normal conditions Is it usually safe for health? According to research on popular fresh vermicelli products, in order to keep the product fresh, do manufacturers use sulfite preservatives at the allowable amount according to the Food Safety Law? Vietnam. This is also a preservative commonly found in foods that are very familiar to consumers such as imported fruit wine, packaged fresh bamboo shoots… Sulphites do not react when digested in the body and are safe in storage. Food preservatives. Manufacturers often instruct consumers to wash fresh vermicelli before processing to remove all remaining sulfites in the package and also to prevent the vermicelli from having the sour taste of this preservative.

Sulfites are used in preserving fresh vermicelli and other common foods.

Perhaps it is because of ensuring food hygiene and safety that vermicelli has clean fibers. Crispy and chewy, it can withstand water very well and fresh vermicelli has become very popular in Vietnam even though it has only appeared in the domestic market for about 5 years. Fresh vermicelli products can be easily found on shelves at major supermarkets small like AEON VinMart Co.opMart… The most prominent product in the fresh vermicelli shelf is the Song Long brand with a very affordable price of only about 21,000 – 23,000 VND for a 450g package, enough for 4 people to eat. Because it is made from Pea starch and through Thai production technology, Song Long fresh vermicelli has a crispy texture and high water resistance, with little swelling. Many eateries and restaurants nationwide have also started using fresh vermicelli instead for dried vermicelli due to the advantages this type of vermicelli brings, especially when purchasing through online applications requires the vermicelli fibers to be crisp and long-lasting during transportation.

With these advantages, fresh vermicelli is gradually becoming an indispensable product. missing in family kitchens. Tet season has arrived when family members start shopping for food for Tet feasts and food hygiene and safety become the top concern for fresh vermicelli products. will certainly help housewives feel more secure in taking care of the health of the whole family during Tet.

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