Nokia N79: a very talented “machine”.

“Super Gecko”

On the outside, the Nokia N79 has all the features of a device Multimedia equipment includes integrated music navigation with FM transmitter, high-speed connectivity, a web browser that supports N-Gage series games and a 5 megapixel camera.

A highlight and unique feature unique to the N79 is the change in “skin color” like a… gecko. This powerful and stylish Nseries device is available with two different front covers – and five covers Xpress-onTM smart case with five elegant colors: Light Sea Blue, Espresso Brown, Olive Green, White and Coral Red. Three smart covers are included according to each package so the N79 can fit any situation. The screen theme automatically changes when the user changes the cover to ensure a stylish and coordinated look.

Review In terms of features, the N79 is not too different from the N85 as in addition to supporting the GSM network, the Nokia N79 also has the ability to connect to HSDPA GPS and A-GPS equipped with Nokia Maps Wi-Fi. Besides, the ability to listen to music and watch movies (3.5 mm audio jack with 3D stereo speakers) is also the strength of this “Gecko”. The ability to edit playlists, adjust the sound and access up to 30 hours of music playback (offline mode), TV-out port and Nserie games is built into the device.

< p>In the field of “photography”, this product line is integrated with a 5 megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss Tessar lens with a series of advanced support features such as self-adjusting focus mode, dual LED flash, 20x digital zoom and Capable of recording megapixel VGA video. Thanks to the technology of geotagging images according to specific locations (geotagging), sharing images also becomes easy.

In addition to 50MB of internal memory, the Nokia N79 comes with The product packs a 4GB microSD memory card and supports up to 8 GB to help users more comfortably store songs, images, videos and games… The addition of a sliding lens cover helps protect the lenses When not using the integrated Nokia Maps 2.0 map viewing software, the A-GPS feature helps users navigate with voice control. also brings prominence to this product line.

Navigation and connectivity

Assisted GPS navigation service (A-GPS) allows users to find locations faster than traditional GPS. Experience improved coverage that is most evident in challenging conditions such as urban environments. This service operates globally with slight differences in service levels depending on the user’s location (satellite fixation times as well as location granularity may vary). In practice the service works so that the device sends some location information wirelessly to the A-GPS server. The A-GPS server returns information to the device to help the GPS receiver in the receiving device fix the location much faster than without A-GPS. Because the built-in GPS does not have to search for satellites for a long time, this also helps save battery power.

The Nokia N79 adds a Friendster widget via the WidSets service. This widget will allow people to browse friends’ profiles, view and post shoutouts, upload photos taken with their handheld devices, and view photo albums of themselves and their friends. All these features help you communicate more effectively with friends using your Nokia N79 without a computer. New users can also sign up for Friendster directly on the device via a link to the Friendster mobile website (, create an account and immediately begin participating in the global Friendster community. .

Nokia N79 is expected to start shipping in October 2008 with an estimated retail price of about 350 Euro excluding subsidies and taxes. This product line is aimed at consumers who appreciate style and technology in a single, compact handheld device. They look for an “all-in-one” handset that combines excellent music and navigation capabilities, imaging functions and quick access to the internet. N79 will be available in Europe Middle East Africa Asia-Pacific China Latin America and North America.


Still with style The design is similar to the previous Nokia N78 product line, but by reducing size and weight, the N79 brings special improvements such as: Personalization feature with smart Xpress-on TM cases that automatically change themes when changing the improved camera housing and the flash and video light orientation sensor to take pictures and automatically orient the user interface supporting TV output.


Hoang Trang