Should be properly called “Vietnamese Dong”

I am a PhD in languages Vietnamese student living and teaching at a university in the US. I completely agree with the opinion of the author of this article. For a long time, I and many Vietnamese friends have not agreed with some people and agencies In our country, Vietnamese people speak Vietnamese but call Vietnamese Dong “Vietnamese Dong” and call US dollars “ud-de” (USD). “but in America people call their currency “dollar” or US dollar, no one here calls their currency “u-ed-de”!

Back The fact that Vietnamese people call Vietnamese Dong “Vietnamese Dong” is completely wrong in my opinion!

In the world, people who speak English can call Vietnamese Dong “Vietnamese Dong” or “Vietnam Dong” in their own language. But in our country, we are speaking Vietnamese to each other, so we should not imitate the British and Americans and call them that. Even when we Vietnamese people living abroad use Vietnamese to talk about the currencies of these foreign countries, we always say “US dollar”Australian dollarFrench francBritish pound”Japanese yen”..etc. But we never say the way some Vietnamese people incorrectly say above, “US dollars”, Australian dollars, French Francs, British Pounds, “Japanese Yen”.

In short, we should not imitate Some foreigners incorrectly call their country’s currency Vietnam Dong. Please don’t mistakenly think calling it like this is international fashion! We should preserve the purity of the Vietnamese language and call the correct currency of Vietnam “Vietnamese Dong” as well as correctly call the currency of the United States “US Dollar” rather than calling it the same way. funny is “u-ed-de”!

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