Taste of Hanoi in the heart of the “new city”

The Hang streets of Kinh Ky land are the busiest trading places of Hanoi capital. With a history of formation and development dating back thousands of years, the streets and people here have blended and crystallized into a traditional value, an original value that people still call the Hanoi style.

< p>Despite experiencing many historical upheavals, ups and downs of time, the transformation of modern life… but somehow, Hanoians still want to keep their own identity, “identity creates the essence” of people born in the land of the period.

Therefore, a new place of residence is not easy for them to accept.

A “unique” Hanoi with “original” features

However, with “original” features that bring the style of Hanoi in a new and modern “unique” versionThe Manor Central Park hopes to meet the needs of Hanoi people.

Not only does it create a modern living space, it also brings standards of living values newThe Manor Central Park (Nguyen Xien), invested and developed by Bitexco, also sublimates the commercial life of the streets and the quintessential value of the imperial land.

Here one can see see the familiar shape of Hang Streets hidden through rows of high-class townhouses with “two paths, one return home”; Feel an “original Hanoi” in a modern “unique” with both busy business fronts but still a private relaxing space to admire flowers and enjoy tea – an elegant pleasure of Hanoians.< /p>

The investor said that not only does it fully inherit the integrity of an old Hanoi in today’s Hanoi, The Manor Central Park is also a place to promote the values ​​of the capital, converging the modern quintessence of architecture. world and promises to become a new “symbol” of a modern Hanoi.

The essence of “Hang streets”

Take inspiration from the “Hang streets” where trade hubs converge and where the original spirit of Hanoi is spread. 36 streetsThe Manor Central Park is a pioneer in applying smart open planning with many types of high-end real estate products. Including the unique symmetry of the 66-hectare Central Park are two subdivisions: West Quarter and East Quarter.

If the Western Quarter is the intersection between rows of commercial townhouses and quiet, peaceful, private living spaces in isolated areas, In fact, the Eastern Quarter is more vibrant and bustling with bustling commercial activities, colorful shops and stores imbued with Hanoi’s identity at 36 Hang Street.

Here commercial townhouses are located. The adjacent design has no walls separating the interior and exterior, reminiscent of the close-knit “Hang Streets” carrying the mutual support culture of a civilized trading community in the past.

The design of each Townhouses in the East Quarter all have two convenient business facades, increasing business space for homeowners, bringing outstanding trade opportunities.

One of the highlights that attracts the attention of Not only the residents here but also a large number of people in the surrounding area, Walking Street. This is where visitors can freely stroll the streets, admire the colorful lifestyle and experience diverse shopping. The walking street is also where unique cultural events and festivals take place all year round, warming up the multi-experience atmosphere.

The focus of Block 15

The focus of this bustling Eastern Quarter is Block 15 including 67 high-end commercial townhouses expected to be handed over from the second quarter of 2023.

The reason the number is not large is because the owner Focused investment and selection to ensure the “golden” values ​​of the product such as: Two frontages is the only block located at the intersection of 4 arterial roads: walking street – Hoang Mai avenue and two roads connecting the route. main street Nguyen Xien.

Commercial townhouses are designed to optimize commercial function.

In addition raBlock 15 also possesses a prime location in the middle of the bustling Eastern Quarter. This is the place to receive potential customers with high spending ability from all directions. This location is also very convenient for living, playing, working and easily connecting to internal and external amenities along with other blocks. In particular, Block 15 is also adjacent to an international inter-level school in the area, bringing convenience to future owners when being trained in a complete and classy modern educational environment.

According to If The Manor Central Park is the quintessence of a new street on the doorstep of the old street, it is not too much to say that Block 15 is the “quintessence of commercial street”. Because this is not a limited product line planned prominently in the most expensive locations of the urban area, but also has a design that brings optimization to living space and commercial business space.</ p>

The business potential of Block 15 is huge because The Manor Central Park urban area will welcome more than 17,000 residents to live and work. Not only has the number of visitors from within the area, with the orientation of being a smart open urban area with a CCTV surveillance system and a new weekend destination for Hanoi residents, Manor Central Park aspires to become a place that attracts a large number of visitors from all over the world. outside to visit and shop.

From the “originality” of Hanoi’s culture to the effort to create a modern living space but still have the influence of the “old town”, The Manor Central Park is Gradually conquering Hanoi’s elite class, becoming a “unique” residence of Hanoi in the new era.