The attraction of Lai Uyen – Bau Bang real estate

Advantages of investing in land in Lai Uyen town – Bau Bang

Bau Bang is located at the northern gateway of Binh Duong province. With a convenient transportation system connecting neighboring areas such as Ho Chi Minh City, Dong Nai, Binh Phuoc and the Central Highlands provinces. The future development orientation of Bau Bang is to become a satellite urban center in the North of the province.

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Strong blood route to Bau Bang district (Photo: BuinGroup).

As the core urban area of ​​Bau Bang district, Lai Uyen town has strong development in many aspects with a high urbanization rate. . The strong development of industry leads to the development of the real estate market in the developed area. Lai Uyen is a trade bridge between the central core region with Binh Phuoc and the Central Highlands provinces; Northern satellite urban area with the western area of ​​Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta and Moc Bai International Border Gate.

Attraction of real estate Lai Uyen - Bau Bang - 2< figcaption>Remote image of the traffic system to Lai Uyen town (Photo: BuinGroup).

According to many experts, Bau Bang industrial park has a scale of 3,200 hectares right in the center The town center is a potential factor that stimulates real estate excitement, leading to the development of medical culture and education throughout the region. Every year, Bau Bang industrial park needs tens of thousands of experts, businessmen and workers to come to work, so the demand for rental housing is high. 

Lai Uyen – Bau Bang urban area anticipates future residential demand

The heat of the Binh Duong market in recent years is increasing, especially in the urban land investment market. Seizing this opportunity, BuinGroup accompanies the development of the urban area project Lai Uyen – Bau Bang Urban Area (legal name is Nam An – Bau Bang Housing Area project). The project is located in a large urban complex with a scale of more than 1,782 hectares with more than 1,000 products with an area of ​​64,100 and 150 m2. Diverse products include residential land, townhouses and villas. The project is designed in a modern, luxurious European style.

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Overview photo of the project Lai Uyen – Bau Bang Urban Area Project (Photo: BuinGroup).

Lai Uyen – Bau Bang Urban Area Project owns a location in the center of Lai Uyen town, adjacent to the National Highway 13 and only 15 km from Bau Bang industrial park – urban area (3,200 hectares). Of which, National Highway 13 is a type I road with 6 lanes and is an arterial road connecting throughout Binh Duong province from Ho Chi Minh City through Di An new city, Ben Cat, Bau Bang district to Chon Thanh district, Binh Phuoc province.

Lai Uyen – Bau Bang urban area is also located adjacent to a cluster of large industrial parks such as: Bau BangMy Phuoc 1My Phuoc 2My Phuoc 3Viet Phuong 2Cay TruongChon Thanh 1Chon Thanh 2Minh Hung…

The project has low construction density, most of the space is reserved for investment in developing green areas, small landscapes, relaxation areas, jogging and health exercises.

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Diagram showing the location of the urban area project Lai Uyen – Bau Bang Urban Area (Photo: BuinGroup).

Development unit BuinGroup said real estate products in Lai Uyen – Bau Bang Urban Area are priced from 18 million VND/m2. For customers with insufficient finances, the business will support bank loans up to 70% of the cake price and support notarization on the same day. Particularly the first 40 customers to buy during this period will be able to participate in a lottery program with gifts such as: Cars, motorbikes, iPhones…

“With the desire to bring about a developed urban area in the northern region of Binh Duong, Lai Uyen – Bau Bang urban area is a choice for smart investors and a place to live for residents,” BuinGroup representative shared.

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