“The cutest dog in the world” has just passed away

Netizens around the world are currently mourning the passing of Boo. News stories about the passing of the cute little dog have reached “shares”… “terrible”. Boo is being remembered by netizens as if… a star.

According to information from the owner of the dog Boo, the cause of death was a heart problem. Boo the dog began to get sick shortly after his four-legged friend – Buddy the dog – passed away a year ago. Boo passed away in his sleep and his owner thinks Boo must have been “heartbroken” to the point of being sick after Buddy’s departure.

In a post on the main social network account Boo’s owner said: “We think Boo’s heart was really broken when Buddy passed away. Now Boo has given up and left us after more than a year of suffering.

“This is the time to let Boo go, we believe it will be the happiest moment for the two dogs when May we meet again in heaven. Our family is very sad but we feel warm knowing that the dog no longer has to suffer any pain or suffering.”

Images of the dog Boo have appeared a lot in life on the Internet simply because the dog is so cute and most of us love it. have all seen Boo’s photo somewhere.

The friendship between Boo and Buddy began in 2006 when Boo was bought and raised by a family living in San Francisco (USA). In 2010, Boo became famous on the Internet and was known as “the cutest dog in the world”. Immediately after that, his social network account has continuously increased the number of followers over the past decade.

Boo has had three photo books named after him, including “Boo: The Life Of The World’s Cutest Dog” (Boo: The life of the world’s cutest dog – 2011); “Boo: Little Dog In The Big City” (Boo: Little Dog In The Big City – 2012); and “Boo ABC: A To Z With The World’s Cutest Dog” (Boo ABC: From A to Z with the world’s cutest dog – 2013).
Boo the Dog

Boo the dog in everyday life
Photos of the dog Boo and his friend Buddy were posted several times a week. recreating everyday images of two dogs at home or sightseeing somewhere.

Boo’s owner’s family shared that since they set up Boo’s Facebook social network account, there have been many People sent messages to share that Boo’s visual stories have made their lives brighter especially when they are going through difficult times:

“Boo Bringing joy to people around the world Boo is the happiest dog we have ever met. He is very pleasant and we never have to worry about Boo. The dog can make even the toughest person soften with his cuteness and can bring a smile to anyone with his friendly and endearing personality.
The dog Boo and his friend Buddy

As a famous dog, Boo There are many special experiences, but when he is happiest is when he is with his friend Buddy. Many of Boo’s fans from all over the world left comments expressing sadness and regret in the post about Boo’s passing.

Just a few hours after posting about Boo’s passing. Boo the dog’s movements have received hundreds of thousands of emotional interactions and tens of thousands of comments.