“Thick tangerine peel” requires “pointed nails”!

In Dan Tri newspaper, the article “Why have many cases not clarified the nature of bribery and corruption?” Journalist The Kha said Da Nang voters recommended: “ In recent times, litigation agencies have investigated, prosecuted and tried major cases related to corruption. However, the majority of these cases only stop at handling acts such as “Lack of responsibility causing serious consequences” “Abusing position and power while performing official duties” “Violating management principles” “Finance” “Violates the principle of democratic centralism” … but in fact its nature is corruption and bribery” – Da Nang voters stated their views.

In a document sent to the Delegation Da Nang City National Assembly, in response to voters’ petition, Chief Justice of the Supreme People’s Court Nguyen Hoa Binh explained:

“One of the reasons is that corruption crimes are often related to People with high positions have a high level of legal knowledge, so the methods of committing crimes are very sophisticated. Criminals often hide and disperse assets, converting appropriated assets in many forms. different methods”. The above article wrote.

This is not a new question and the answer is… not new.

On November 4, 2019 at the National Assembly Hall, Delegate Dang Van The director once warned: “When prosecuting, the prosecution is as big as an elephant, then the prosecution is as small as a mouse. If we don’t do it strongly, it will make people skeptical about our determination to fight corruption.”

Six years ago (September 26, 2014), many voters in District 10 and District 11 (Ho Chi Minh City) at the meeting In contact with Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee Le Thanh Hai and the National Assembly Delegates (National Assembly) Unit No. 4 to prepare for the 8th session of the 13th National Assembly also had similar opinions.

8 years ago (October 26, 2012) discussed in the group about the prevention of law violations and crime; Anti-corruption Delegate Nguyen Dinh Quyen (Hanoi) pointed out the fact that there are many cases where prosecution for bribery and embezzlement is initiated, but after a period of investigation, they turn to intentional wrongdoing or irresponsibility, causing consequences. serious consequences. “Obviously this is an unusual thing in anti-corruption. For corruption crimes, many crimes have been changed and penalties have been greatly reduced.” DB Quyen said.

Back to the question, should we give up?

I don’t believe that. We have the law in our hands. Probably right. There is the determination of the Party and State. There is the support of the masses and a team of talented and powerful anti-corruption officials… Therefore, we must definitely prevent this situation.

To no longer have the phenomenon of “” “Elephant head, mouse tail” as the ancients said, “Thick tangerine peel” needs to “have sharp nails”.  The problem is whether you have enough strength to be “sharp” and even have the determination to “want to be sharp” or not.

And I believe with the spirit of fierce anti-corruption as in the past ” “furnace” will continue to burn, so surely the situation of “input is an elephant, output is an ant” will have to end in the near future.

Perhaps we should also recall the words of the late General Secretary Le Kha Phieu’s letter: “Corruption is an internal enemy”. Since you are an “enemy”, you must be determined to “destroy”, right?