Think differently about “obedience culture”

However, according to him, this reality will need to change: “I think we must innovate and strongly innovate the way of learning from children to the elderly.” Accordingly, “instead of passively learning, instead of just obeying, you must also know how to ask questions.”

Those remarkable statements from a Government leader made the writer feel real. excitement and hope. Because it’s not that we don’t recognize the inadequacies of the rigid, stereotypical educational method, but we still seem unable to “break out” of old habits.

Even though the situation of “teacher reading – student copying” is no longer as common as before, it is clear that in reality, our children still do not really have a critical environment and promote independence in thinking. Duy.

Students who write descriptions of people that don’t follow the standard will be given a bad grade by the teacher. Every new year, adults’ common wishes for children are “be good.” obediently obey teachers and be polite to parents and grandparents”. implicitly determines the social consciousness of many generations.

If children are implicitly forced to always be one-sided and passively obedient, they will not have the opportunity to express their own opinions. clear attitude towards right, wrong, right and left; Children also do not consider learning knowledge as an active and passionate process.

When children express their opinions and attitudes and are immediately dismissed, they are considered “arguing” “If you go against your will”, it is very difficult to expect children to develop comprehensively and this certainly cannot be the right way to educate. Remember that teachers and adults can only guide you in the most skillful and effective way, but cannot require every child to be the same and follow their own wishes. When children are not respected, it will be difficult for them to learn how to respect others.

In a dialogue with Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Mr. Haoliang Xu – person in charge of the Development Program of The United Nations in Asia-Pacific also believes that: Parents today need to have a new and more open mindset to promote their children’s thinking in applying science and technology and soft skills.</ p>

“A pair of shoes can only be used for one person and cannot be used for many feet. Each person has their own characteristics, each country has its differences, not on the same level, not developing equally.”

Think about current education and social views on “goodness”. ” I keep thinking about whether this is the reason that creates the “culture of silence” and “obedience” of many adults and on the other hand, the reason why the culture of criticism and expressing opinions is not noticed. important. In many cases, they have an abundance of obedience but lack respect and sympathy for others.

Disobedience is not necessarily bad or bad. But you should also be careful not to encourage children to disobey adults and oppose rules and regulations. In all cases, please “read the instructions for use carefully before use”. Because the important thing is not “obeying” but “respecting the right thing and doing the right thing”.

Bich Diep