What is percent land?

What is percent land?

According to the provisions of land law, depending on each period (Land Law 1987, Land Law 1993, Land Law 1993, Land Law 1987, Land Law 1993, Land Law 1987 land in 2013″…) and based on the purpose of land use, lawmakers classify land into many different types such as: agricultural land, forestry land, residential land, specialized land, unused land…

Currently Currently, land is divided into 3 main land groups as follows: agricultural land group; non-agricultural land group and unused land group, there is no percentage land or vegetable land.

Percent land is the name of the type of land that was previously deducted by the cooperative as a percentage (5%) of the cooperative land fund. or households, after putting land into cooperatives, can retain 5% of their economic autonomy such as growing vegetables and crops.

According to the provisions of Article 72 “Land Law 2013″Article 74 Decree 181/2004/ND-CP of the Government guiding the Land Law, based on the land fund characteristics and needs of each commune, ward and town, an agricultural land fund for public use purposes shall not exceed 5% of the total total. Area of ​​land for growing annual crops, land for growing perennial crops, and land for aquaculture to serve local public needs.

For places where agricultural land funds have been left for use Public utility purposes exceed 5%, the area outside the 5% limit may be used for construction or compensation when using other land to build local public works; assigned to households and individuals directly engaged in agricultural and aquaculture production in localities that have not been allocated land or lack production land.

To use the 5% land fund in each locality, the land user must use the land in accordance with the planning and land use purpose.

Thus, percent land (or 5% land) is the name of agricultural land used for public purposes. This is a land fund formed by deducting no more than 5% of the local agricultural land area (land for growing perennial crops, annual crops, aquaculture…).

Who has the right to use Type of land percentage?

According to the regulations, land percentage needs to be based on whether it was divided before or after 1993 to decide who has the right to use this type of land:< /p>

– If the land allocated before 1993 has not been reclaimed and used until now, the land is completely owned by the person who was allocated the land and the cooperative will no longer be able to intervene to reclaim this area

– If land was granted from 1993 onwards, it is still under the ownership and management of the state. Any individual may not use it to build a home or business.