When Tet comes, think about Quang Ngai chicken

In the 90s of the 20th century, traveling from North to South was mainly by train. This was the most popular means of transport for people at that time. That’s why the train was the most expensive, especially for people from the North who were traveling to the Central Highlands for work at that time with salaries of officials and employees of three stakes and three dong.

The story of traveling by train during the subsidized period is full of many impressions and memories even throughout the day. Even though a long time has passed, in my memory I still cannot forget that time that I will never return.

Every countryside on this S-shaped strip of land has its specialties. The beauty of our country’s terrain is that just one trip across Vietnam by car or train is enough to enjoy almost all the delicious dishes of the three regions.

Only a distance from Vinh to In Nha Trang, guests can enjoy Vinh eel porridge with Phuc Trach grapefruit (Ha Tinh), Quang Binh noodle soup, Quang Tri banh mi cake, Hue sesame truffle, Binh Dinh coconut rice paper, Ninh Hoa spring rolls, Nha Trang dried squid. As for Quang Ngai, it is impossible not to mention chicken rice.

Quang Ngai chicken rice is so famous that Quang Ngai station was renamed “Chicken” station by train passengers. The old story seems like it was just yesterday.

Today I suddenly remembered the memory of traveling on a North-South passenger train. when I learned that the Quang Ngai city government was building a model. Decorative chicken for Ba To park This chicken model with a height of nearly 2 meters, brightly colored and made of coconut leaves appeared in Ba To park – the center of the city. Quang Ngai’s traditional Tet holiday is coming soon.

Who doesn’t want to be beautiful for themselves and for their homeland when spring comes?

Nguyen Duy Xuan