10 uses that few people know about baby powder

1. Making dry shampoo

Dry shampoo is very convenient travel but it can cause dandruff. If you are having this problem but still want to use the convenient features of dry shampoo, you can try talcum powder. Sprinkle a little powder on your head and rub your scalp for a few minutes and you will be ready to leave the house.

2. Remove shoe odor

If your shoes smell bad, pour some baby powder in and leave it overnight. The next morning, shake off the powder and your shoes will be completely clean. You can also sprinkle powder on your feet if your feet smell of sweat.

3. Remove pet odor

Here’s a beauty trick for your pet. Sprinkle some powder on your pet and rub it evenly. You will have a fragrant and happy dog.

4. Makes the bed cooler

Body temperature increases during sleep, so sometimes you wake up with a wet feeling on your back. Baby powder will free you from this feeling. Before going to bed, sprinkle a little talcum powder on the bed sheet. It will help keep your back cool and prevent sweat from getting on the mattress.

5. Clean the sea sand

The beach is fun, but the sand is not. Sand will stick to every part of your body and make you move uncomfortably. Next time on your summer vacation, bring a bottle of talcum powder and sprinkle it on your feet. It will help you clean off all the sand.

6. Reduce stains on clothes

When you iron your shirt, sprinkle baby powder on areas prone to sweat and then iron over it. You won’t have to worry about your white shirt becoming yellow anymore.

7. Waxing support

Waxing is sometimes very painful. You can sprinkle talcum powder on your legs before waxing to make it easier.

8. Making makeup powder

If you run out of makeup and need to go out to a party, use talcum powder instead.

9. Deodorize body

Forgot deodorant or sweating after working out? Bring a bottle of baby powder and these problems will be solved quickly.

10. Handling jewelry knots