Ancient giant crocodile walked on two legs

Scientists say a giant crocodile that lived 120 million years ago could have been nearly 4 meters tall, weighed half a ton and walked upright on two legs. They also have very strong jaws and sharp teeth like knives.

“They are giant creatures. No one expected crocodiles to be so big and walk on two legs.

However, like carnivorous dinosaurs, they can also hunt in shallow water. They can eat whatever is available.

These are footprints from about 110 to 120 million years ago. I definitely don’t want to meet one of these crocodiles in real life. It weighs up to 500 kg and probably has no sense of humor” Professor Martin Lockley from the University of Colorado Denver said.

The ancient crocodile was named Batrachopus grandis. They belong to a group of reptiles called batrachepadids – ancestors of today’s crocodiles.

Nearly 100 of their 25 cm long footprints were found during excavations at a site near the Korean city of Sacheon. The leader of the archaeological team, professor Kyung Soo Kim of Chinju National University of Education, Korea, said:

“This discovery shocked us. They were about 4 meters tall and lived mainly on shallow.

The footprints are quite narrow and are made entirely from the hind limbs. There are clear impressions from the heels to the toes and also skin prints in some areas.

Although they lived mainly on land, ancient crocodiles could also venture into the water to hunt fish and other animals.

“Typical crocodiles often go in a squat-like position and making wide tracks. It’s strange that this species’ tracks look so narrow – like a crocodile balancing on a rope The lack of any tail drag marks clearly shows that these creatures are moving on two legs,” Professor Kim added.

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