Bay360 CEO: Journey from a moondancer to an entrepreneur

Started his business at a very young age at the age of 23 and just graduated with a master’s degree in finance and banking in England Minh Cong did not follow the path to stable jobs but chose his own job business airline tickets with the Bay360 brand. With determination and enthusiasm for his profession, after 4 years, Mr. Cong has helped Bay360 grow stronger and stronger with 2 branches in the North and South regions and opened a transaction office in Japan to serve the travel needs of customers. international students with a team of professional staff.

The interesting thing about him before being known as a businessman, Mr. Cong was also known as a moondancer with the skillful moonwalk dances of the king of pop Michael Jackson. He won the first star prize organized by the University of Commerce in 2012 at the BNI National Business Association Creativity Award. held in Nha Trang in 2014 along with many other awards.

Watch clip here:

Sharing about the fate of the dance Michael’s dancer Mr. Cong said: “Since Michael passed away on TV, the press published a lot of information that made me feel very curious and started to learn about him. I started watching all of Michael’s video clips and it seemed like my admiration and passion arose. There were even times when I watched until dawn and I also began to learn how to dance and freely struggle with my own passion. Even though I learned about Michael a bit late, it still doesn’t lessen my love for Michael’s dances.”

Sharing about my work Before moving into the business field, Mr. Cong said: “Since I was a student, I often performed to earn money selling stage costumes and then opened a dancing club for young people with me. My current passion is that due to my busy business, I only occasionally perform in the form of cultural exchanges.”

Contentment The combination between the brave qualities of a businessman and the gentle sophistication of an artist is truly wonderful. So what factors helped him be so successful? He shared:“The most important thing to succeed in every path is “concentration”. I always believe that “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything”, so no matter what field you’re in, whether you’re a businessman or an artist, the key factor is passion and enthusiasm. To be successful, you need to do everything right from the beginning with extreme concentration”

From an artist to a businessman, the paths he took were stacked up. difficulties. Looking back at the development of global airline ticket agent until today, it can be said that it is the development of continuous creative thinking to provide the best services to customers that Bay360 has achieved:

• Being one of the leading airline ticket providers in Vietnam with an online airline ticket booking system compare prices of more than 900 airlines

• Extensive customer network with a huge number of up to 5,000 customers Domestic and international products were voted the best supplier in 2015 by magazine.

• Owns the Bay360 Restaurant chain. at airport stations with the famousPho 360 brand

…and many other achievements.

Mr. Minh Cong shared: “In the near future, I plan to expand the Bay360 brand into the hotel investment business, which will make Bay360 a brand top travel in Vietnam”

Bay360 is proud to be Vietnam’s leading tourism brand Nam ensures to provide the best travel services to customers, confidently asserting their position before the companies other businesses in today’s competitive market.