Choose wedding jewelry at Kim Hanh 2 gold shop

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Kim Hanh 2 gold shop (1276 Kha Van Can, Linh Trung, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City) has gradually created a position in the market by providing products with diverse designs. , rich, quality.

This is also a familiar place for customers in Thu Duc City when they need to buy gold jewelry, gold bars, gold gifts, wedding gold…

Here jewelry designs are modern and trendy at reasonable prices to meet the needs of many different customers.

With high-end manufacturing technology, trendy designs and youthful colors, Kim Hanh 2 gold jewelry shop has become the choice of many women to perfect their fashion style as well as enhance their beauty. personal temperament. Because when a woman wears jewelry that suits her and the situation, she will stand out confidently and attract the attention of others.

Store representative for We know that wedding gold at Kim Hanh 2 is processed at a low cost because of the desire to accompany couples when choosing wedding jewelry. This is considered a big plus point when the products here are sold at prices that are more favorable in price and guaranteed in quality.

In addition, Kim Hanh 2 also updates trends. The wedding jewelry trend is popular in the world with elegant and luxurious wedding ring and engagement ring designs suitable for the style, preferences and ages of many customers.

Wedding rings are an indispensable item on a couple’s big day, symbolizing commitment and complete happiness.

At Kim Hanh 2 gold shop outside For traditional wedding rings, the store also offers wedding ring design trends based on customers’ ideas and emotions. Because wedding rings are no longer simply a “procedure” on the wedding day, but also represent the bond between two souls and are evidence of sublime moments in love.

According to the store representative, during the period from March 16 to June 30, Kim Hanh 2 gold shop organizes a promotion program “Making love with dodder – Kim Hanh completes” for wedding gold products.

This is an opportunity for couples who are preparing for their wedding day. In addition to the incentives, customers who have wedding jewelry purchase invoices at Kim Hanh 2 during the above period will receive a lucky draw ticket.

Kim Hanh 2 representative said for Each drawing will determine a first prize with a 50% refund and a consolation prize (20% refund). Non-winning tickets will have the opportunity to continue participating in the drawing for the following rounds. The prize will be refunded directly in cash when the winner is accurately determined.

“Product quality, thoughtfulness in service as well as transportation and after-sales services are the daily goals. Kim Hanh 2 gold shop’s first direction is towards partner customers,” the store representative shared.

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