Fitobimbi – decoding the Italian herbal fever for children

That “fever” is increasing, especially due to the uniqueness of Italian herbal ingredients, let’s decode it!


Fitobimbi is a health supplement set researched, developed and produced by Pharmalife Research – the leading herbal pharmaceutical company in Europe. With many years of research on ancient western herbs combined with the technology of modern science with the meaning of Fito meaning Bimbi herbs for children, Fitobimbi has become a reputable and trusted brand in over 50 countries. After coming to Vietnam, Fitobimbi continues to receive the trust of many mothers with young children.

Advantages special of FITOBIMBI

Different from other herbs, Fitobimbi has ingredients mainly from Italian herbs with special advantages such as :

Meets strict standards: From planting and care to harvesting and putting into production. Fitobimbi’s herbs meet standards such as: CGMP ISO 13485: 2016 IVEGAN – does not contain any ingredients from animals.

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Versatile use: With the sweet and sour liquid syrup flavor of real Fitobimbi fruit Makes children very excited to use. In particular, Fitobimbi syrup can be mixed with all children’s food and tea drinks without affecting the quality.

Recognized by many experts Recommended by doctors

Ms. Marianna Crupi (Founder- CEO Pharmalife Research) once shared:“Our products have to go through Lots of testing procedures. We have an analytics system. And all ingredients are subjected to a Nir UV analysis process… ensuring health safety standards from the laboratory to the production line.”

What products does FITOBIMBI have?

Fitobimbi includes 16 products divided into 4 specialized product groups for children from 0 – 12 years old.

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1. Newborn group: is a product group for newborn babies from 1 day old and older.

– Fitobimbi Sonno: Supports improved sleep Helps children sleep well and easily fall asleep, helping reduce stress in children.

– Fitobimbi Omega Junior: Supplementing Omega 3 Omega 6 unsaturated fatty acids from plants. Supports brain development in children, good for eyes.

– Fitobimbi Gas: supports digestion in young children. Helps reduce symptoms of flatulence, vomiting, bloating and indigestion.

– Fitobimbi D3K2: Supplementing vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 helps support calcium absorption for the body Supports strong bones and teeth. Supports reducing the risk of rickets in children.

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2. Micronutrient group:is a group containing essential vitamins and minerals for children from 6 months up to 12 years old.

– Fitobimbi Appetito : Supports digestion to help children eat well and improve their health. Used for children with poor digestion and nutrient absorption and slow growth…

– Fitobimbi Immuno: supplements some vitamins and minerals for the body to help strengthen resistance. Support to improve children’s health during the development stage.

– Fitobimbi Ferro C: Supplementing Iron Zinc vitamin C for the body to help reduce the risk of deficiency anemia due to Iron deficiency helps increase resistance.

– Fitobimbi Calcio: supplementing Calcium and vitamin D3 vitamin C helps increase calcium absorption to help reduce the risk of Calcium deficiency supports height development and reduces the risk of rickets, weak bones, slow teething due to calcium deficiency. Supports the development of strong bones and teeth.

– Fitobimbi Vitemix: Supplementing vitamins for the body to help strengthen resistance. Supports reducing the risk of vitamin deficiency in young children.

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3. Respiratory group:is a group of products that support and prevent respiratory diseases for children such as coughs, respiratory infections, colds and flu…

– Fitobimbi Broncamil: supports improving upper respiratory tract health. Helps reduce coughs and phlegm.

– Fitobimbi Golanil Junior: cough-relieving throat spray for children from birth

– Fitobimbi Golanil Orale Spray: cough suppressant throat spray for children 2 years and older and adults.

– Fitobimbi Propoli: Helps soothe the throat Strengthens the health of the upper respiratory tract, helps reduce sore throat and cough due to sore throat in cases of colds.

– Fitobimbi Tussiflux Junior: Supports strengthening health healthy upper respiratory tract. Supports to help reduce symptoms of cough, phlegm, sore throat due to sore throat or flu.

– Tussiflux Adult: Supports improving respiratory health Steam on top. Supports soothing the throat and reduces symptoms of cough, sore throat, cough with phlegm, hoarseness.

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< p style="text-align:justify">4. Digestive group:effectively supports babies in reducing constipation and improving the digestive system.

– Fitobimbi Isilax: Supplementing fiber from Plants for the body help laxatives and reduce the risk of constipation in children.

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Fitobimbi will be the “companion” of many mothers with young children across Vietnam. Be a “smart parent” when choosing products that are both safe and effective for your children like Fitobimbi!

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