“Four incurable symptoms” of traffic participants

Four incurable symptoms of Ancient people include: Blind, lame, deaf and mute.  Once upon a time, listening to the story of Xien Bo, he answered the King about the four incurable diseases that the King was suffering from: People saw the Emperor hanging around the palace all year long, so they mistakenly thought he was crippled. But the Emperor was still leisurely and happy, so they mistakenly thought he was blind. The mountains and rivers were trampled by the enemy The Emperor kept sitting still so they thought he was mute. Everywhere people called the Emperor a weak and cowardly person but he still ignored signing the peace treaty with the enemy so they mistakenly thought he was deaf.”

Now, the descendants of Mr. Xien, although they do not dare to comment on the “King”, they also have a few words for the “people”, specifically the people out there participating in traffic as well as suffering from some of the four incurable diseases. mentioned above.

First proof

If you speak cleverly, you’ll be joining the streets now like you’re going to war. There are very few people who go out on the street without straining their eyes to see blindly. But please, my people, when you see the lane separation sign hanging high above, you don’t follow the lower lane divider doesn’t follow either. When you see a red light, it’s like you can’t see, so what’s the point of being blind?

There’s also the problem of theft raging on buses these days. Everyone says that thieves often come in groups of 4 or 5. But I also assure you that the bus had at least 40 passengers  on it. The women didn’t mention it, but there must have been up to 20 young men on that bus. But still ignore it. This must be called having blind eyes, blind eyes right in their conscience. Here we also see two more diseases: dumbness and deafness. They are blind, so they don’t dare to speak up about the person who stole like they are dumb  and also deaf when asked.

When they saw someone in distress on the street, they crowded in, but it was just to see how injured the other person was. There is no supportive action. We have to treat it immediately if unfortunately  we have to let a baby like in neighboring China lie there without anyone looking… That’s it. how sad.

Second Evidence

Someone must have thought to themselves: wrong again. It must be said again that our people are very strong in their legs and arms.  The separation fence is like that, but they carry their carts and their feet over the fence.// It’s true that there are no books or pens. Can’t describe it all. But this is what causes the “disease” of many Vietnamese people, which is lazy, greedy and careless, considering immediate benefits and ignoring the rules and regulations.

There are people who see the train coming but still rush to squeeze in a few more centimeters.  Are they crippled and have to try to drag themselves a few more centimeters or are they so busy that they forget that sometimes just those few centimeters could cost their whole life?

There are people who only take a few more steps to get to the pedestrian overpass, but they probably have “crippled” legs that hurt so they can’t get on the bridge. Just rush to the other side of the road, ignoring the whole convoy of cars rushing straight at you, ignoring the goal line that people have drawn for you even though it’s only a few steps away.


Because life pushes you, there is a day when you don’t have to go out. But every day I see people who seem to be carrying those “incurable diseases” and rushing around, but I can’t help but feel sad. Who can cure these diseases?  This disease belongs to you and us. Whether it can be cured or not depends on us. If you have a disease, you bow to all directions, but now when you see the disease, you want to say it so everyone can ponder… 

Bang Vu