Luxurious space and premium menu at Cung Xuan

If you love the style of weddings in luxurious, splendid auditoriums, or luxurious, trendy, and dreamlike outdoor weddings, you will surely be easily conquered when admiring these Luxurious wedding party at Palace Xuan Wedding and Event Center.

Located in a prime location in Hanoi, Palace Xuan is one of the great works with representative meaning for the development of the Capital with 1000 years of civilization. With a grand scale of up to 10,000 square meters and impressive design, Xuan Palace is a place to organize national and international events, as well as a place for the most lavish and splendid wedding parties.

As soon as you enter the auditorium, you will feel overwhelmed by the vast space and every detail inside seems to be the crystallization of beauty, sophistication, and sophistication. From classic royal-style chandeliers, luxurious crystal lamps, sophisticated furniture and decorations on high-quality materials, creating a splendid and magnificent look.

The wedding space makes a strong impression with fairy-tale colors such as white, yellow, and pink radiating from thousands of crystal bulbs, LED chandeliers, from the dining table and chair curtains to the decorated bouquets of fresh flowers. everywhere. All bring a sparkling splendor to the couple’s wedding party.

It is difficult to find a place in the center of the capital with a large, airy space with lots of trees. Modern sound and lighting system, colorful and fanciful water music system connected to a majestic and majestic building… Those elements become especially ideal for creating romantic and sparkling outdoor wedding parties. like in a fairy tale at Xuan Palace.

The outdoor wedding party at Xuan Palace made an unforgettable impression with the large space and highlight of the splendid stage. shimmering bright fresh flowers filled the path.

Each dish at Cung Xuan delights diners with timeless classic flavors mixed with the aftertaste of modern, steaming dishes. Examples such as: Kim Tien grilled beef Steamed Hong Kong red tilapia Moonlight fried tiger prawns Nem Cung Xuan Ethnic grilled sturgeon… will attract guests to enjoy.

A rich and delicious wedding menu because the unique flavors bring a harmonious transition between dishes that will make diners excited when enjoying.

Come to Cung Xuan Wedding and Event Center to enjoy a lavish wedding ceremony in a splendid auditorium or unique romantic outdoor weddings in the Capital. Experience magical moments with your loved one at Xuan Palace so that each sacred moment at the wedding is always the most beautiful memory in life.

At Xuan Palace everything is measured by Romance is the place to witness and nurture the full emotions of a couple’s happy day. With many diverse service packages and especially attractive wedding promotion programs still taking place at Cung Xuan, especially the wedding night gift package at the 4-star Super Hotel Candle. This is a luxury hotel and apartment complex that is also one of the addresses providing high-end tourism services in the Capital.

Located in a prime location in the main cultural center The value of Hanoi Super Hotel Candle is Japanese style along with luxurious services according to international style and standards such as gym, sauna service, spa, four-season swimming pool, bar… The hotel is the top choice. of businessmen who come to work and stay is also a great choice for tourists when coming to relax in the capital.

In addition to the system of Vietnamese restaurants and luxurious Japanese restaurants, the hotel also Equipped with a kitchen for guests to prepare their own light meals for each other if desired. On the other hand, the hotel has an open design with a poetic balcony close to nature, the interior has a simple, harmonious and extremely warm Japanese style.

Super Hotel Candle with a classy resort space Luxurious and comfortable, but also extremely private, giving customers a warm, familiar feeling in their own home.

Cung Xuan Wedding and Event Center

Address: No. 1 Vo Thi Sau Thanh Nhan, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi

Hotline: 0915092066 – 024 3972 8917