Marijuana and the road to “death’s door”

In the area “West Bui Vien Street” (District 1), which many young people secretly call “marijuana street”, you only need to spend a few dozen to a few hundred thousand to buy it.< /p>

Nhan (24 years old, living in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City) is a marijuana addict, said: “If you want to smoke marijuana, just go to West Street, buy as much as you want, whatever the price.” “.

On the evening of October 18, according to a previous appointment, Nhan took me to the intersection of Bui Vien and De Tham streets to buy marijuana. According to observations, “West Street” around 8am is very crowded, especially cafes and bars with loud music playing, customers even sitting on the sidewalk. Stopping at the cigarette cabinet in front of a bar on De Tham Street, Nhan winked at the seller and said: “Get 3 balls to smoke.” The seller quickly pulled open the drawer below and took out a plastic bag containing a few small pieces of paper and some dry leaves. Nhan gave the seller 110,000 VND and then signaled for me to follow quickly.

Then we stopped by a beer shop on Hoang Sa Street near Thi Nghe embankment (District 1). Introducing that this is his “favorite” restaurant. Most of the customers who come here are regulars who sit in groups and… smoke marijuana.

When I asked about where the goods were imported from. answered clearly: “This product is mainly sourced from Cambodia and Laos. Take a large quantity at once, then come back here and divide it into smaller pieces to sell in many places. If you want to buy, you must have someone you know to take you to buy quickly and easily. If you’re a stranger, they won’t sell it for fear of being caught by the police. They also sell weed, but it’s much more expensive to smoke than marijuana.” A while later, 3 of Nhan’s friends arrived, including 1 female. Introducing: “Miss Giang is a very good smoker. If you want to know anything, just ask.”

“When you first try smoking, you just smoke like a cigarette. Once you get used to it, you smoke differently. Have you ever seen people smoking hookahs? Smoking weed is the same as putting it in a plastic bottle to get high. Try it too?” Giang laughed loudly.

In fact, marijuana is a plant with the scientific name Cannabis sativa L; study Cannabinaceae. In cannabis, there are 3 main substances found: Cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabinol. In which THC is the main active ingredient that causes psychoactive effects. The THC content in each type of cannabis is different, with THC accounting for a very high percentage of 4 – 6%, but most only contain an average content of 1 – 2%.

The active ingredient THC in cannabis is Classified as a fat-soluble hallucinogen, THC quickly penetrates the smoker’s lung tissue after a few minutes, causing physiological and psychological changes. The first symptom is dizziness, ringing in the ears or ringing in the head, lightheadedness in the limbs, but the feeling of getting worse, starting to feel hungry and crave sweets. In some cases of shock when smoking marijuana, it can easily lead to vomiting, stomach pain, burning eyes and very fast heartbeat. People who try smoking for the first time often feel nervous and restless, most of them are afraid of being discovered by others.

The first stage quickly passes and the smoker will feel euphoric, stimulated, have memory disorders, easily cry, laugh, cannot control one’s behavior, and hallucinations appear depending on the smoker’s mood at that time. There was a case of a young man drunk on marijuana jumping from a high building to the ground because he thought he was going down the stairs.

More noteworthy is that the active ingredient THC also causes a state called ” Depersonalization makes the smoker think they are heroes and have superpowers. Even the sounds, sounds, and colors that people who are addicted to drugs perceive are completely different from those of normal people. They are easily agitated and perform actions such as jumping and constantly cutting their arms and legs just by hearing a word of encouragement. Or incitement to do bad things can also be done, including murder. In 2014, there was a group of young people who, after drinking and smoking marijuana, started destroying things, fighting and stabbing each other.

In addition to the dangerous hallucinations mentioned above, smoking marijuana also causes inflammation. Chronic bronchitis narrows the airways, causing the aspirated blood to contain very high levels of toxic carbon monoxide (CO). Men who smoke marijuana for a long time will have a decrease in Testosrone (male sex hormone), reducing sperm production and sexual ability. For women, smoking marijuana causes inhibition of ovulation (ovulation), irregular menstruation, and can easily lead to reproductive problems.

Although not as addictive as heroin, marijuana use Over time, it will form a habit and lead to a situation where you want to smoke more and more often. Once you are addicted to the “long-lasting” style of smoking, it is very difficult to completely quit.

Recommend to the Ministry of Health to conclude that the substance is XLR-11 contained in “American grass”
The Supreme People’s Procuracy has sent a document to the Minister of Health requesting research research to consider and conclude whether the substance XLR-11 contained in “American grass” is a drug that needs to be controlled according to the list of narcotics in Vietnam? If it is a narcotic substance, it is recommended that the Ministry of Health submit a document to the Prime Minister to add this substance to the list of narcotic substances as a basis for agencies conducting proceedings to deal with the subjects. about the act of illegally storing, buying, selling and using “American grass” containing XLR-11.

There are many alarming news articles about the current situation of using “American grass” among young people, according to the People’s Police Newspaper. . This type of “American grass” was determined by the Institute of Criminal Science – Ministry of Public Security to contain the ingredient XLR-11. This is a substance that when used will cause psychosis, dilated pupils, agitate stress, anxiety and may have extreme thoughts that are harmful to the user. “American grass” is addictive and is considered more dangerous than marijuana. But because it has just entered Vietnam, the XLR-11 ingredient in “American grass” is not yet on the list of narcotics that need to be controlled.

Minh Khoa

According to Bao Tran

People’s Police