Surprised by the beauty of lemon flowers

Even though they are in the same family, lemon flowers are not as favored as grapefruit flowers. If the pure beauty of grapefruit flowers has gone In poetry and music, the lemon flower is just like a humble village girl nestled in the corner of the garden. However, as spring comes and winter fades, the simple beauty of the lemon flower also surprises many people.

If lemon flowers in Nguyen Binh’s poetry only “bloom in the middle of a lemon garden” ” As is obvious, the lemon flower in Quang Dung’s poem has a different perspective, that of the peach cheeks of a country girl: “A thousand years of water hyacinth on the pond/ The girl in the lemon garden has peach cheeks”. Peach cheeks. of the owner of the lemon garden made Quang Dung sob with regret and even a little sadness because she was married. Roman”>. But tonight, late at night, the lemon flowers are fragrant/ I’m silently in the deserted garden/ Listening faintly to the scent of grass/ My stomach is as sad as someone remembering a loved one/ On the other side of your house, here in the lemon garden/ Early in the afternoon, the silhouette of ecstatic love / Alas, apart from the fragrant garden / Life feels melancholy in the blue night” – (Lemon Flower song by Quang Dung).
My friend thinks lemon flowers look like pregnant cheeks The village girl’s chubby looks like she just wants to bite. I don’t know if the village girl’s cheeks are like lemon flowers, but every time I see the pure white color of the flower when it blooms and dedicates itself to life, I feel my soul is strangely calm. Actually, lemon flowers are not really white. When it first emerged from the leaves, that tiny, pretty bud was dark purple. As they grow older, the purple color gradually fades until when the flower blooms, people only see the bewildering white color of the flower and forget that the bottom of each petal still retains that faithful purple color. As the night goes on, the sweet, ecstatic scent of lemon flowers keeps entangling people’s hearts.

In February, lemon flowers bloom so beautifully that it makes my heart flutter