Teacher and poet Vu Dinh Lien – “Vietnam’s Baudelaire”

In 1941 the poem was selected and placed in a solemn position in the book Vietnamese Poetry by Hoai Thanh-Hoai Chan.

Teacher Vu Dinh Lien was born on November 12, 1913 in Hanoi. Hometown: Chau Khe village, Thuc Khang commune, Binh Giang district, Hai Duong province. He passed away on January 18, 1996 in Hanoi. Bachelor of Law. Before 1945, he taught at Thang Long school (with Dang Thai Mai Vo Nguyen Giap). For a time, he worked as a civil servant at the Department of Commerce (La Douane) in Hanoi.

For 76 years now, talking about Vu Dinh Lien People immediately talk about Mr. Do. Just Mr. Do is more than enough to honor the poet. Only with Mr. Do Vu Dinh Lien lives forever in the sky of Vietnamese poetry.

People talk a lot about the phenomenon of Vu Dinh Lien, the only person in the Vietnam Writers Association who does not have (does not need to have) a poetry collection. Yet everyone knows generations of writers and generations of students.

Talent only needs one flash!

From the August Revolution of 1945 until he returned to eternal life, Mr. Lien devoted all his heart to the cause of education. In his leisure time, he mainly writes poetry to give to his friends, students and… himself. He translated a lot of Baudelaire’s poems. French writers honored him as “Vietnam’s Baudelaire” and jokingly called him Bo-Do-Lien.

In 1962, with the decision to establish the French Department, Mr. Vu Dinh Lien was appointed Head of the Department (1962-1969).

For his contributions to the cause of education For spreading the French language since 1945, the State awarded him the title of People’s Teacher for the first time in 1991. Along with that noble title, the State gave him 10 million VND (at that time it was an unlimited amount of money). small). With a compassionate heart, he immediately donated all that money to the Fund to help poor students.  That gesture was so touching. It was even more touching to know that at that time he was still a poor man. Assets are empty.

People His neighbor on Ba Trieu street also said: every year on the morning of the first day of Tet, he goes out to the park and carries a bag. Inside are banh chung, jam, candy… and many new coins. The teacher brings good luck to homeless orphans.

The teacher’s compassion is perhaps an example not only for generations of students but for everyone, especially in the current context.< /div>

The last years of your life on November 20 he also returned to the School and the Faculty. The white haired head no longer walks briskly, but the voice is still bright and the eyes look affectionately at the generations of students. He advised us:  “As a teacher you must always love life and be optimistic. Must be exemplary. There are many sad things about education today. You must not “contribute” to that sadness. We must make at least our Faculty of Science the most attractive and beautiful place.”

Mr. Vu Dinh Lien, our first Dean half a century ago, was like that.

Then in early 1996, when Tet Binh Ti was approaching, Hanoi’s streets were filled with flowers and flowers. …the grass and trees are sprouting and people are rushing to make Tet shopping… In the attic of an old house on the corner of Ba Trieu street, teacher Vu Dinh Lien breathed his last… Leaving behind so much love, nostalgia, and admiration. trust in love…

Writing these lines, thinking back on the years gone by, recalling the many faces of your class The first teacher of the Faculty and many faces of students in those days… Outstanding simplicity and kindness are the eyes and smile of teacher Lien, teacher Vu Dinh Lien, teacher of many teachers:

Every year peach blossoms bloom

I see the old man again

Laying red paper and ink

Crowded street side


Yellow leaves falling on paper

Outside the rain and dust flying…