Think about the words “Depend” and “Convenient”

According to the “Vietnamese Dictionary” “depending” is a pure Vietnamese word belonging to the class of verbs containing two main meanings: “according to the situation, make it suitable” and “let someone decide according to their will” < sup>[1]. And “Convenience” is also a pure Vietnamese word. It can be a verb when associated with professional activities (Profession Convenience) but can also be an adjective when expressing the nature of things (Conveniently). When these two words are put together, the nuance of the meaning is no longer as simple and “gentle” as when standing alone. “Arbitrary” therefore implies a negative assessment. Also in the “Vietnamese Dictionary” “Arbitrary” is explained as “Doing it conveniently without any principles”.It is worth mentioning that the compound word “arbitrary” appears quite often. Many times, violations are discovered in leadership and management activities at public organizations, especially in personnel work. Public opinion has “stirred up” when the press reported on the current status of “speedy” leadership appointments. in many localities and ministries, despite the principles, policies and regulations of the Party and State. There are many cases where only one “hard” criterion is needed to be a descendant of a certain leader, while other standards according to regulations become “soft” criteria. People are willing to “legitimize” with a closed process (which is not difficult at all) and a complete and unmistakable set of promotion and appointment documents, so that “it’s like that, it’s like that” deserves the job. The position is promoted…(!).It is worth mentioning that the process is sometimes also an excuse if the leader wants to eliminate someone who is not “on the same page” as him. When falling into the “trap” of the process, the most qualified person can also be excluded from the planning or lose development opportunities without knowing who to call. In this case, using the word “arbitrary” to evaluate the abuse of position and benefits for personal motives is truly appropriate.

I quite like the opinion in an article published posted on Electronic newspaper Communist Party of Vietnam:When the leader “holds the scale” but does not “jump properly” it will violate the principle of democratic centralism, the unit’s working regulations and the State Party’s regulations in making decisions. decided to appoint a number of officials who did not ensure the principle of standard conditions

Determining that “Cadres work is a “key” step in the work of building the Party and political system and, more broadly, the entire innovation cause” Therefore, planning for appointment of officials right from administrative or public service units must avoid “arbitrary” disease. regardless of regulatory rules. The deliberate arrangement of leadership and management cadres in a subjective and authoritarian manner without regard to the actual process of striving for dedication as well as the regulations on standard conditions for cadres is a factor. causing instability in the organization, losing trust among the masses, breaking the law and order.

The cadre work at the strategic level must start right from the cadre work at the grassroots level. A good “filter” will select positive factors. Only then can we be assured of “both professional and professional” leaders to best prepare for the country’s leaps in the immediate and long term.

Dr. Nguyen Thi Huong