Written on New Year’s Day

Looking back at 2021 Our country has gone through a time with many serious challenges coming at the same time: natural disasters and enemy sabotage. Fighting one is difficult when we have to face all three of these challenges.

Regarding the epidemic, remembering the time of quarantine across the country still haunts me to this day. Factory operations are limited as much as possible. Markets and shops are closed and sealed. All entertainment activities are prohibited. The streets of Hanoi, which were noisy and crowded, suddenly became spacious.

Activities such as weddings and funerals were also limited and narrowed. Sick people with no relatives to visit, even those who died on this occasion,  also passed away quietly.

Before the quarantine order, people flocked to buy essential goods. The price of face mask instant noodles has skyrocketed.

The sky during the days of nationwide quarantine was buzzing. In the mass media, Covid news almost monopolized the news.

Hope was raised when Vietnam had not had a new infection case for nearly 20 days when suddenly patient number 17 appeared and once again the whole country entered a new war with the number of positive people and deaths. Deaths are continuously increasing…

Up to this point, it is too early to say success because the epidemic can completely develop abnormally, but it can confirm the prevention of the Covid 19 pandemic of Vietnam. 2020 is a great achievement.

While the epidemic is still threatening and raging, natural disasters are hitting our country. Storms upon storms and floods upon floods. More than 100 people died and went missing. Thousands of houses were destroyed, property, fields, gardens, ponds, and lakes were submerged deep in water.

In pain and loss, the will and spirit of solidarity once again unite every Vietnamese person. together. Thousands of volunteer groups from organizations and people directly rushed into the flood to share and encourage the people here.

Regarding natural disasters, it is said that we can conquer natural disasters. Of course, it is unrealistic, but we have overcome the consequences of natural disasters quite well.

While natural disasters and epidemics are raging, many very worrying developments have occurred in the East Sea. The Chinese government’s ideology of monopolizing the East Sea has made this place a hot spot containing many conflicts. Especially the risk of confrontation between two great powers.

But at least up to this point, although the East Sea is not “calm and peaceful”, it is also temporarily stable.


As I write these lines, the Hanoi sky lights up brightly with fireworks from many locations. There are opinions that it is not advisable to display fireworks at this time because of waste and the risk of infection due to gathering in large numbers.

But I think this is an unconvincing thinking because, first, It must be affirmed at this time regarding the epidemic that Vietnam is a safe country. Second, although it is expensive, it is necessary to create a joyful atmosphere for a new spring.

Tonight’s fireworks are both a recognition of the extraordinary efforts of the whole nation and also as a congratulation to wait for a new spring.

Vietnam, my country, the country of “cloth-clad people” who always know “Dry off the mud and stand up bright” as the poem of the late Thi Scholar Nguyen Dinh Thi once wrote.


On the occasion of the new year, those who make the BLOG column would like to send it to Dan Tri readers in general, readers of Dan BLOG Tri in particular wishes for a happy new year.

Sincerely thank you for the love you have given us over the years!