D’. Palais Louis – The definition of timelessness

What makes a home safe for users? The question seems difficult but is extremely simple: a house that will last the test of time.

Only if that house is built solidly, has a superior structure, can withstand rain, wind and storms, overcome natural disasters and earthquakes while still standing tall as a symbol of longevity, then that will be possible. is a safe house for users.

In fact, it is not difficult to find a safe house in Vietnam today, however, to find a house Longevity is not easy. To reach the level of longevity requires the investor not only to have “vision” but also to have a great “heart”.

“Most real estate projects today meet construction quality standards because before being put into use, they must undergo inspection and supervision by state agencies. However, it is very difficult to say what level of quality is achieved. For example, 5 points is considered quality, but there are projects with 6 points and 7 points, and there are projects with 910 points in quality. Therefore, the quality of the project and the safety of the project will depend on the structure and materials used by the investor,” said Mr. Bui Son, a construction engineer with over 10 years of experience.

According to this expert, if you want to build a project that is safe or lasts over time, the investor must accept to spend a huge amount of money, usually 2-3 times more than the cost. For normal projects, the only person who is willing to play like that seems to be owner Tan Hoang Minh.

D’ is the rare example above The current market has achieved the “permanent” level. It is not natural that Mr. Do Anh Dung dares to assert that Palais Louis is a “timeless” project and more like an architectural tower than a tall apartment building level.

Looking at the structural presentation of the building and the materials used by Tan Hoang Minh in this project, expert Bui Son also had to admire. He commented that this is one of the best works. 1 in Vietnam by achieving the highest standards of solid core columns, pile foundations or diaphragm walls.

A small example showing this is the entire structure. Columns and hard cores are all built by Tan Hoang Minh from high-strength steel with 2 layers and anti-shear belts. This provides high stability and stability even when an earthquake occurs.< /p>

However, the special thing about this project also comes from the hard core placed in the center of the building. This area creates a dimensional open space up to 20m wide, 20m long and 120m high.

The skylight with an area of ​​400m and a height of 120m is a unique feature only found at D’. Palais Louis.
The height of this hard core is a difficult problem in establishing construction methods for all construction contractors,” said expert Bui Son.
Only columns and solid cores of the highest standards are not enough for Mr. Do Anh Dung. A truly “lasting” real estate project according to him Dung must also come from a pile foundation system. If most projects with a scale equivalent to D’. Palais Louis use the bored pile foundation solution, Chairman Tan Hoang Minh chose the Barrete pile foundation solution .
Pile cross section 800×2800 46m long and inserted into a gravel layer of up to 6-7m will be very expensive. However, the advantage of this solution is that the foundation can withstand larger loads and has less subsidence,” construction industry experts said.
A strong pile foundation combined with a diaphragm wall designed 32m deep from the natural ground and a full-body braced foundation system… has created a D’ Palais Louis that can withstand earthquakes as well as withstand weak conditions Abnormal force factors.
When a force impacts a building, it is immediately transmitted to the foundation, bringing the highest safety to users.
As ​​an engineer participating in many real estate projects in Vietnam today, the thing that Mr. Bui Son is most impressed with at D’. Palais Louis is the swimming pool designed on the top of the building. According to him, It looks very beautiful and seemingly simple, but in reality, it is extremely difficult to design a swimming pool located at a height of 120m that can control unusual force factors.

The swimming pool is located at a height of 120m on top of the tower symbolizing the solidity of the D’ project. Palais Louis
When building a building dozens of stories high, the investor will have to carefully calculate the impact factors. In fact, the top of the building will have a certain fluctuation as in D’. Palais Louis is H/500 = 240mm. So what is the equilibrium condition here?
The system of 2 large swimming pools located on the 28th floor at a height of 115m are symmetrical through the hard core with the purpose of being understood as two pendulums to stabilize the balance of the entire project when encountering abnormal loads such as level 7 earthquakes or horizontal wind loads. A very smart design and I am very impressed” Mr. Son said.
It can be seen that the facade of the building is likened to the noble and luxurious beauty of the city. A beautiful girl hidden deep inside D’. Palais Louis is likened to the toned body of a muscular man with strong bones.
Imagine if you lived in a house built from a solid foundation, core, and high-quality walls, how secure would you feel? Only when you have a healthy body will you have the strength to perform every goal in life. Only when you have a house that is not only beautiful but also sustainable and safe will life truly flourish and be warm.
Hopefully my wish when building D’. Palais Louis wants to create a tower that will last over time so that 10 years, 20 years or even 50,100 years from now, even when I am no longer in this world, future generations can still be proud that Vietnam still exists. A real estate project that truly challenges the test of time,” Chairman of Tan Hoang Minh Group said enthusiastically.

On the occasion of the opening sale, the investor gives away the first 20 owners to own apartments at D’ . Palais Louis 01 handbag or 01 watch worth 400 million VND. Besides, customers who pay 95% of total value early will enjoy a discount of up to 4.5%/total value at the present time. In addition, customers who sign the Sales Contract before April 30, 2019 will receive 10 years of building management and operation fees and 10 years of 1 car parking service fee.
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