Stunned by rosewood with Beautiful Wood Grain, Unbelievable Fragrance

Rosewood is a rare, strong, hard and durable wood with beautiful layers of zigzag veins. Currently, the price of rosewood is calculated in kilograms, especially the monolithic pieces of rosewood have a higher price.

What is rosewood, growth characteristics and classification?

Distribution range

In Vietnam, there are many precious wood species, such as ebony, ironwood, and rosewood.

Currently, this type of wood is mainly grown in the central provinces such as Quang Nam – Da Nang, Hue… and in the mountains of the Central Highlands. This is a tree with a long life span of several hundred years but slow growth. When young, the plant likes shade, but as it matures, it prefers light.

Growth characteristics

The best growing conditions for this species are large forests with lots of alluvium. Or the bottom layer has many good nutrients. The tree usually grows at altitudes below 500m, but there are exceptions. This is an evergreen tree that can shed its leaves in the dry season and bloom in the spring. They often grow scattered, so the number is not large, are classified as rare plants in Vietnam.

The outstanding feature of this species is tall, mature trees can be more than 25. The diameter reaches 1m, bringing high efficiency in logging. Similar to some types of industrially grown wood such as acacia wood, rubber. The trunk is not vertical but can take many different shapes.

Rosemary is an evergreen tree that can shed its leaves in the dry season and bloom in the spring

Is the cypress tree different from the cypress?

Cypress cypress is a type of tree belonging to the cypress family (also known as eucalyptus). Scientific name is Platycladus orientalis. Many people often confuse cypress and rosewood, but in fact, these are two different species of tree. Unlike cypress leaves, cypress leaves grow in opposite clusters. It is shaped like a pine needle, flat, has a cone shape and looks like scales. The seeds of the cypress tree when ripe are brown, edgeless, ovate, and relatively pleasing to the eye.

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The leaves and seeds of cypress, after being harvested and dried, will be used as medicine in traditional medicine. They are used to make medicines to relieve coughs and treat flu. Or treat bleeding gums, nosebleeds. Supports hemostasis and helps to beautify effectively.

Cypress wood is not used much for furniture. Because the value of the cypress tree is mainly based on the leaves and seeds of the tree. However, with old and old trees, the value of cypress wood is also relatively high.

Simple ways to identify real rosewood

Observe the wooden surface

Fresh wood has a light yellow color, after a period of exposure to the air can be discolored. Turns black or dark red. When buying, we should ask the seller about the age and time of the tree to have an accurate color distinction.

You can use sandpaper to gently rub or use a razor to remove the outer layer of dust, or use a flashlight to shine carefully. If you see red sunken veins, it is real rosewood.

Smell the scent

Trac has a light fragrance, like wood of the lentil. Plants can give a feeling of comfort and well-being. Especially black rosewood and red rosewood have a very fragrant smell. When using sandpaper or a light razor can give off a scent, if not, fake wood.

When burning, this wood, which has a lot of essential oils in the body, will give off a scent, but we should not use this method to check.

Wood has a light aroma, bringing a pleasant and refreshing feeling

Check your weight

The trunk has a very large mass, due to the large size of the tree. On average, a cubic meter of wood has a weight of 700 to 800 kg. Usually the wood is sold by the kilogram, the wood is firmer in the hand and harder than common woods such as oak. It’s also more powerful than the spokes.

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The most popular types of survey today

Golden Rosewood

Mature cycads are 25 to 30 meters tall. The diameter of the tree is quite large, equal to the arms of 3.4 adults. The bark is pale yellow or red-brown, rough and with many concave fibrous spots. The wood is fine-grained, light yellow in color and has an attractive characteristic aroma. They are often used to make fine art and high-class furniture. Or used in house construction.

Black Bamboo

This is a rare plant and has a higher value than yellow rosemary, losing to red rosemary. The wood is black, almost ebony but lighter. The heartwood is black, the grain is smooth and hard, the wood grain is beautiful and natural. It formed when soaked in mud for a long time. It has perfect durability and is not damaged by termites. The outstanding advantage of black rosewood is that the wood is very hard, tough, and resistant to impact. Has good compression and pressure. The longer the wood is used, the more uniform, beautiful, and glossy the wood color becomes, creating a luxurious feeling.

Monitoring red wood

Red Trac is the most precious of all varieties, hunted by the rich because of its high value and rarity, limited quantity. The wooden body is bright red, the wood is smooth with gentle and elegant curved lines. Create a beauty that “stuns” the opposite person. This wood material, after being processed, has a luxurious and aristocratic beauty. Product life is high, nearly a few hundred years and the longer the surface, the more glossy it is, without drying or cracking, warping.

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Rosewood is mainly used to make fine arts and high-class furniture

The advantages of high quality rosewood

Like an inch of golden soil, rosewood is so precious that even a piece of sawdust can be sold at a very high price. It is also compared with other high-grade woods such as rosewood and rosewood.

Currently, rosewood is mainly used to make fine arts and high-class furniture. Like beds, sofa sets, .. And valuable feng shui items.

There is an old saying that “the older the ginger, the spicier it is”, then with  , people think that the older the wood, the more valuable it is. Outstanding properties such as resistance to harsh weather, temperature influences from the environment, termites or time do not make the wood lose its value. For those who are more knowledgeable about precious wood, rosewood is invaluable to them.